The Dab Connection Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Announcing Dab Connection's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide! Everything for the stoner on your list from Green Wednesday to Christmas Eve!

2 weeks ago

Should You Buy From an Underground Sesh?

An overview of the weedrave, underground sesh, and weed pop-up scene. Not as legit as a licensed dispensary, but they're…

3 months ago

Sunstone Organics : Trying Out Kratom

We investigate the kratom craze, via an over-the-counter purchase of Sunstone Organics. Is this the oriental herbal superdrug, or a…

3 months ago

Fake Drug Shipping Website Scams Are Taking Off!

Scammer sites ahoy! : Just don't buy THC vape cartridges from websites that offer to ship. There's more scams for…

5 months ago

Online THC Vape Cart Stores – Lots of Scams!

One more time, we will tell you to quit falling for online stores that claim to ship THC weed products.…

6 months ago

Kush Herbal Wraps Review: Great Quality Wrap, Great Taste

Kush Herbal Wraps turned out to be awesome quality blunt wraps.

1 year ago

Purpl Pro: New Mini Testing Machine for Cannabis Potency

Review of the Purpl Pro cannabis potency testing machine made by Purpl Scientific.

2 years ago

Review of Daily High Club’s TheWeedTube Box

A review of TheWeedTube box by Daily High Club.

2 years ago

Lime vs Bird : Is Bird The Word? Or Is It Lime Time?

People are trying to figure out the Lime vs Bird question. Which service is better and who makes a better…

2 years ago

Mr Weed’s Munchies : Fresh Squishy Candies and Crispy Mixes

Munchies are something almost everyone gets when they are stoned. Mr Weed's Munchies caters to the stoner with candies and…

3 years ago

Electronic Nectar Collector Roundup: Boundless CF 710 / Dipstick Dipper / Linx Ares

After reviewing three popular electronic nectar collectors, it’s clear that each one has pros and cons. Though they all do…

3 years ago

Linx Ares Review : This Nectar Collector Gives Good Flavor, But Not The Strongest Hits

On this review of the Linx Ares we go start to finish on the good and the bad. Overall, this…

3 years ago

High AF Clothing Features Cool Designs In A Comfortable Fit

High AF Clothing: Stoner Shirts With Cool Designs That Non Stoners Won't Understand High AF Clothing sent us two of…

3 years ago

BlueCheck Age Verification : Is It Helpful Or A Hindrance?

As the age of information continues to merge with real product orders, regulations aim to restrict underage web use. Entrance…

3 years ago

KoKo Nuggz : Chocolate Budz: Review (NEW Flavor Update!)

[sg_popup id="1" event="hover"][/sg_popup] KoKo Nuggz - Chocolate Budz (THIS PRODUCT IS NON-MEDICATED. NO THC, NO CBD) Updated: January 23rd 2018…

4 years ago

Boundless CF 710: Fun & Easy Nectar Collector

Boundless CF 710: Fun & Easy Nectar Collector Boundless Technology releases their first wax pen with the Boundless CF 710. It…

4 years ago