Yocan Stix Plus Battery Review – Good Quality, Great Price

Yocan Stix Plus Battery Review

9 hours ago

Delta Extrax Delta 11 THC Cart Review – Solid Stuff

Delta Extrax Delta 11 THC Cartridges are big and have solid taste and effects. They include a mixture of Delta-11…

1 week ago

Delta Extrax Pre-Heat Disposable Review – Huge, Smooth and Tasty

Delta Extrax Pre-Heat Disposable are tasty, smooth and come in whooping 3.5g cartridge. There is so much to like here.…

1 week ago

NuLeaf THC Cart Review – Nice High

Nuleaf THC carts offer great taste, high and strength. All that comes at a really reasonable price. We would recommend…

3 weeks ago

Yocan Cubex Vaporizer Review – Pretty Solid

Overall, the Yocan Cubex vaporizers are pretty solid. Auto-off function would be a great addition to this vaporizer.

3 weeks ago

Opinion: Maybe We Need To Ban Vape Cartridges Altogether?

In my four+ years blogging for DabConnection and the cannabis community in general, I've had plenty of opportunities to re-examine…

3 weeks ago

Blue Moon Hemp Disposables | Not That Rare

Welcome to our concluding post of Cartridge / Oilpen week, where yours truly, Penguin Pete Trbovich, gets pelted with vape…

4 weeks ago

Wild Orchard Hemp Zangria Cart and Pen | Great Taste, Nil Effects

Wild Orchard Hemp Co. should be a brand name very familiar to our frequent readers. Before, we've reviewed their D9THC…

4 weeks ago

Smilyn Premium Hemp-derived Pods Review – Good Variety

Smilyn Premium Hemp-derived Pods are pretty great. They taste pretty good for the most part, have a nice design, and…

4 weeks ago

iDelta8 Obsidian Disposable Oilpen | Tasty and Satisfying

Here we are, one day after elections - shout-out to Maryland and Missouri for full-rec legalizing cannabis! And here we…

4 weeks ago

Strain Snobs Delta 8 Cartridge | Overpriced Crap

Welcome to day 2 of Cartridge Week for Penguin Pete (that's me). This week, the world's least enthusiastic vape cartridge…

4 weeks ago

Pure CBD Vapors CBD Vape Kit Review – Calming and Tasty

These cartridges smell and taste great. They have a nice design and provide you with decent calming effects.

4 weeks ago

Delta 8 Factory D10 Cartridge | Overpriced, Underwhelming

Greeting! Not "greetings," I only have one to give today. I'm going to be vaping cartridges all week, and I'm…

1 month ago

Alpine Apex Battery Review – Simple and Solid

This battery is priced at $24.95 which isn’t too bad compared to other comparable batteries I have tried recently or…

1 month ago

Alpine Live Resin HHC Cartridge Review – Solid Carts

I got the chance to try a few vape cartridges from Alpine. Both were 1G HHC Sativa carts that fit…

1 month ago

The Lab Live Resin Cart Review – Great High

The lab live resin cart tastes good, last for a decent time, has nice effects, and is not overpriced too…

1 month ago

XMax Daboo | More Than Meets the Eye!

XMax makes a hardware accessory called the "Daboo," and I am now not too sure what to call it. Officially…

1 month ago

Galaxy Treats Rockets THCO Cart Review – More Like THC-oh?

Perhaps THCO does not affect me. I did not feel “high” or anything in the realm of being spiritual.

2 months ago