Vape Pens

Buckeye Relief Vape Review – Subtle But Enjoyable

Buckeye Relief Sgt. Pepper Disposable Vape has a nice flavor, it isconvenient, and easy to use for a beginner

3 weeks ago

Kynd Vape Review – Good and Low Cost

Kynd vapes offer a nice taste, good and slick hardware, and all that comes at a very affordable price.

2 months ago

GTI Rythm Pez Vape Pen Review – Complete Vape Pen Setup

GTI Rythm Pez Vape is a complete vape pen setup that's convenient for someone new to medical cannabis or new…

3 months ago

Tumbleweed Extracts Review: Great Quality, Long Lasting

Here we review the Tumbleweed Extracts disposable vape pens. It earned a spot to our Best Cartridges of Nevada. Read…

1 year ago

Roam Vape Pen Review: Intense High and Natural Flavor

Roam vape pens combine excellent quality oil with a complex blend of terpenes for an intense and memorable experience overall

1 year ago

Green Tank Tech- Advanced Vaporization Hardware

Green Tank Tech is a Canadian company manufacturing vape hardware. They were founded in 2015. Green Tank Tech Location: 203-65…

1 year ago

CBDFive Vape Pen and Cartridges Review: Disappointing

Check out our review of the CBDFive vape pen. See why it broke so easily and why currently we do…

1 year ago

Transpring Cartridges Review: Good Budget Choice

Review of the Transpring cartridge and vape battery. This vape pen kit performed well and delivers on taste.

1 year ago

Linx Hermes 3 Review: Great Hits, but High Cost

Here we review the Linx Hermes 3 vape pen. This product is made for filling with your own THC or…

1 year ago

G Pen Gio Not Hitting: How To Fix It

Here we go over the most common way to fix your G Pen Gio not hitting. This happens because it gets…

1 year ago

Fuego Vape Pen Review: Tastes Like Flower And Hits Nicely

I test Fuego’s hybrid vape pen. This disposable dose pen has a small tank of live resin sauce that tastes…

1 year ago

Pure Vibe Vape Pen Review: Tiny but strong

Check out our review on the Pure Vibe vape pen. It has quality, strong oil and a unique piece of…

1 year ago

Dompen Review: Smooth High And Tasty Oil

Dompen is pretty good overall. It Vapes smooth and tastes decent. It has a bigger tank than most other disposables…

1 year ago

Vaporesso Click Review: High Capacity, Strong Hits

Here we review the Click vaporizer by Vaporesso. This Zippo-like unit hits oil hard without burning it, but it does…

1 year ago

Bloom One Vape Pen Review: Small Amount of THC Oil, Not Strong

While reviewing the Bloom Pineapple Express, we didn't like the way it hits. From the taste to the cartridge, we…

1 year ago

Leune Vape Review: Tasty, but Lacks Strength

Here we review the Leune vape pen. The battery burns out early and the oil is just not that strong.

2 years ago

Aces Extracts Review: One of California’s Best Carts

Here we review the Aces Extracts vape pen. It uses CCELL cartridge technology and turned out to be one of…

2 years ago

City Trees Vape Pen Review: Real Energy and Bliss

Review of City Trees disposables vapes, Energy and Bliss. Both lived up to their names and Energy turned out to…

2 years ago