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Connoisseur Concentrates : Fake Cart, One User Hospitalized Already

Connoisseur Concentrates is a fake vape cartridge brand. There's no company behind it, no apparent owner, and the carts could…

5 days ago

Waxmaid Quick Hit Silicone Dugout Review – Affordable and Convenient

Waxmaid Quick Hit Silicone Dugout is a travel-friendly accessory that is recommended for its good build and affordable price.

6 days ago

DabX Rocket Mk. 1 Review – Very Efficient Performance and User-friendly

DabX Rocket Mk. 1 is a very efficient, extremely user-friendly, and uniquely portable e-nail that will deliver great taste.

7 days ago

Best Dispensaries in Las Vegas 2021 – Based On The Best Deals

Here we gonna take a look at the best dispensaries that can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out…

1 week ago

Standard Wellness Olive Oil Review – Great Price

Standard Wellness Olive Oil edible has one of the best prices in Ohio but the taste could be improved somewhat.

2 weeks ago

Is Your Dispensary Safe? Maybe Not In Michigan!

The troubled Michigan cannabis market has seen an unprecedented number of unlicensed dispensaries and fake cart brands. Be warned!

2 weeks ago

Qwin Delta 8 Cart Review -Fascinating Flavors and Delta 8 Strains

Qwin delta 8 cartridges provide an overall fascinating experience. Fairly smooth and good oil quality, Qwin delta 8 provides good…

2 weeks ago

City Trees x State Flower Live Resin Badder Review – Strong and Tasty

City Trees Live Resin Batter is a great dabbable concentrate. The flavor, strength, and consistency are all excellent.

2 weeks ago

Cannabis-Friendly Banking : It Is High Time!

The American Banking Association backs the cannabis-banking SAFE Act. What does that tell you about pot legalization now?

2 weeks ago

Woodstock Cartridge Review – Smooth Taste and Good Effects

Woodstock Heritage Strains carts are recommended for the casual user who may prefer cartridges over flowers and/or extracts.

3 weeks ago

Grow Ohio Luster Pod Review – Amazing Flavor and Convenient

Grow Ohio Luster Pod has a strong flavor, and this kind of vape pod is convenient for someone new to…

3 weeks ago

My Rolling Tray Review – Solid Quality and a Wide Selection

My Rolling Trays are highly recommended for their customizable design, their solid quality, and their wide array of choices.

3 weeks ago

The Federal Vape Mail Ban : Everything We Know

The US federal vape mail ban is now in effect, but what does it mean? Even the US Postal Service…

3 weeks ago

HAMR Cold Start E-Rig Review – Convenient and Efficient

HAMR Cold Start E-Rig is highly recommended for its unique design, easy assembly, convenient portability, and efficient performance.

3 weeks ago

Unlicensed Dispensaries Actually Get Raided All the Time

If you're tempted to think that the cannabis industry is a lawless anarchy, think again! It is actually enforced quite…

3 weeks ago

Trulieve Paradise Waits Hybrid Flower Review – Good Quality and Smell

Trulieve Paradise Waits hybrid flower is recommended for its affordable price, good smell, and decent quality.

4 weeks ago

FLOAT Full-Spectrum Distillate Oil Cart Review – Strong but Expensive

FLOAT full-spectrum distillate oil carts are strong but have a harsh after taste and are deeply overpriced.

4 weeks ago

Suprize Suprize Live Rosin Review – Exceptional Quality, Potency and Taste

Suprize Suprize Live Rosin is one of the best live rosins on the recreational market for its exceptional quality, very…

4 weeks ago