Off White Carts: Not A Real Brand

A rundown on Off White cartridges, another fake THC oil vape brand.

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Driver Kickbacks For Las Vegas Dispensaries

Here we go through driver kickbacks for dispensaries in Las Vegas, Nevada. This page will be updated to keep up…

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Bart Carts Cartridges: Facts You Need To Know

Here we go over Bart Carts cartridges, one of the latest illegitimate brands.

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Fake TKO Carts: Very Easy To Spot

The basics on spotting fake TKO cartridges. Almost all of them are fake.

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Cart Toon Cartridges: Unregistered THC Vape Brand

A rundowon on Cart Toon Cartridges, an unregulated THC vape cart brand.

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Fake Rove Cartridges: How To Avoid Counterfeits

A rundown on fake Rove cartridges and how to avoid them.

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Vaping CBD For Anxiety: It May Help

Here we explain the benefits of vaping CBD for anxiety.

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Puffco Faces Lawsuit for Defective Peak Vaporizers

Puffco is facing a lawsuit for their Puffco Peak vaporizer. The main reason for this is the defective atomizers. The…

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Best and Worst Vape Cartridge Designs of 2019

Here we go over the best and worst cartridge designs for 2019.

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Fake Cookies Cartridges: How to Spot a Counterfeit One

In this post about revealing fake cartridges, we are going to be talking about Cookies cartridges. Founded by Berner (Gilbert…

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Fake Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrocks Clear Cartridges

Here we go through how to identify a fake Dr. Zodiak's Moonrock Clear cartridge.

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Latest Weed Subscription Box Services

Don't you want it to feel like it's the "1st of that Month" where you're "smokin', chokin', rollin' blunts?" Well,…

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THC Juul Pods: Make Them and Prefills

A complete rundown on THC Juul pods. Here we go through how to make one and which ones are available.…

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Fake Eureka Vapor Cartridges: Easy To Identify If You See Our Guide

Here we go through how to spot fake Eureka Vapor carts. It's actually pretty easy, all the fakes are the…

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Best Batteries For Vape Cartridges 2019: Here’s Our Top 5 Picks

Top list for the best vape batteries for THC and CBD cartridges.

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Best Cartridges For California 2019: Top 9 THC Oil Vapes

Here we list the best cartrdiges for California. These THC oil vape carts stood out among the many that are…

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Best Cartridges For Nevada 2019: Top 5 THC Oil Vape Carts

Here we name the best cartridges for Nevada, including those in Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe. We traveled the…

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Fake CCELL Cartridges – How To Tell If Your Cartridge is Authentic

With many brands using this type of cartridge because of its hardware, there have been many fake CCELL Cartridges being…

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