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Wind Vape cartridges, by Sunderstorm, have a pure THC distillate. Sunderstorm extracts the oil in these vapes from clean cannabis that is grown free of pesticides. Wind vape cartridges are manufactured and distributed by Sunderstorm, a company native to Los Angeles.

They are available throughout Northern and Southern California and they are known for their purity and potency. This Wind vape review revealed a high-quality cartridge that really packs on the strength.


  • Amazing oil quality
  • Big thick clouds
  • Fast-acting
  • Works with any 510 thread


  • Might be too intense for some users

Recommendations: Not much to change here, the cartridge is great.

Update: 11/27/2019 – Added new packaging from Wind Vape by Sunderstorm

Disclosure: Dominique the writer of this review works at Sunderstorm, but in order fulfillment.

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Wind Vape cart
Nice clear and golden oil

Wind Vape cartridges are fantastic overall

Sunderstorm manufactures and distributes their own products so they take particular care in what they do. Their Wind vape carts are on exception. The carts are built sturdy and have a pure distillate that smokes smooth and hits hard. For this Wind vape cart review, I tested out the Jack Herer strain, which is an intense sativa.

Cartridge design is nothing unique but it is great quality overall

Sunderstorm doesn’t skimp on quality with their Wind vape cartridges. With a mouthpiece and base made of metal, the carts are quite sturdy and feel very substantial when held. Wind vape cartridges have a thick glass tank, which I prefer over plastic, to ensure no plastic permeates their pure oil.

Wind Vape carts have a nice long mouthpiece that has great airflow

The mouthpiece on this cart is quite large. It isn’t too much larger than other carts, but it has a large tube that really helps with airflow. The airflow is quite open and without any resistance so I can take huge hits and make thick clouds. At times, however, it can be so smooth it’s a bit hard to tell if I got any vape.

The oil quality is the star of the show in this cartridge

Sunderstorm takes care to provide the purest solvent-free distillates to put into their Wind vape cartridge. They start with strict pesticide-free cannabis cultivation and extract the oils using C02. They triple distill their oil and purge it completely to achieve unmatched purity before putting the golden fluid into a cartridge.

Wind Vape cartridges have spectacular potency and high

I warn you that these distillates smoke very smooth and they hit very hard. Testing at 90% THC, this batch of Jack Herer really packs a punch. However, what really makes it so intense is the fact that the distillate has CBD present. The high potency of THC mixed with CBD gives Wind vape cartridges a hallucinogenic effect that is very intense and I love it. The only other cartridge I have experienced this with is Roam’s entourage effect.

The Wind Vape cartridge by Sunderstorm
The Wind Vape by Sunderstrom is really strong.
Updated Packaging
We got here the updated packaging for this specific strain.

This cart has a very mild flavor but it is naturally derived

Though perhaps not considered full-spectrum, Wind vape cartridges do have a number of terpenes present. The terpenes add a fruity and slightly musty flavor that is in no way overly potent. Wind vape cartridges have are smooth and zesty without leaving a bitter aftertaste. For a similar experience but a more robust flavor, Raw Garden is a great choice.

The terpenes in Wind vape cartridge distillates really add to the overall effect of the high

Terpenes do more than give this oil flavor. The overall high of this cart is amazing and the terpenes make it a great experience. If it weren’t for the terpenes and CBD the high would have been a lot less intense and complex. The purity and cleanliness of this distillate really give a clear high, but terpenes make it well-rounded.

Relevant data
Good Info on the stickers

The distillates are the purest I have seen on the market

Most cartridge companies don’t take the time to make their distillates 100% solvent and filler-free like Wind vape carts are. According to the COA this batch of distillate tested negative for nearly everything and it makes the effects feel very clean and intense. This is great because I don’t get any sort of headache when vaping Wind carts.

Efficiency on the Wind vape cartridge was industry standard

This cart didn’t re-invent the wheel when it comes to efficiency. Like most cartridges of the same design, I could not completely empty the tank. The tank still has a little bit off oil left, but the wick doesn’t suck it up and so it remains. Although I’m just being greedy because I want to finish the oil all up.

The Potency gives you a great bang for your buck

I only take one big puff of my Wind vape cartridge to be sent spiraling into an intense high. The cartridge is a standard 1/2 gram in size but because I really don’t have to use much to feel the effects it lasts a good while. The high itself peaks quickly and lasts, quite intensely, for about 4 hours. This will probably extend my Wind vape cart to last about 3 or 4 weeks which is great.

This pen is totally worth it and I am going to be purchasing it again

Wind vape cartridges are an absolute value. They average at $35 per cart and although that price is pretty average, the distillate is not. For that price, the distillate’s smooth and tasty vape caught me off guard. Not to mention that more steeply-priced vape pens come nowhere near the intensity of Wind vape cartridges.

Sunderstorm wind vape cartridge
Very smooth and clean

Concluding my review of Wind vape cartridges…

Updated Wind Vape cartridge Jack Herrer - Sativa
New packaging for the Jack Herrer- Sativa.

The distillate within Wind carts is really a testament to what a clean and pure distillate is capable of. These cartridges have the purest and cleanest feeling highs I have ever felt and they take effect almost immediately. Overall it’s an experience that is well worth the cheap price and can entertain even the heaviest smokers. I wouldn’t recommend vaping it on an empty stomach.

You can find more information about Wind on the Sunderstorm website. You can find out about their availability here.

Have you tried Wind before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forums!



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