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Vape Naked is a mysterious cartridge for the origins of it is unknown and anonymous. The background of this cartridge is no where to be found. With the right type of battery, it will have sweet, long lasting hits. I used the Ceram-X vape pen battery, giving it smooth and light hits. It does have a savory taste to it, but it isn’t to be fully trusted. Here is our in depth review of the Vape Naked cartridge in the Blackberry Kush strain. We will start with the video review and keep reading for more in depth information.

The Vape Naked isn’t made properly or professionally

The packaging itself made it seem like this cart is unofficial in my opinion. It has doesn’t have any information on the box regarding the THC percentage, no serial number, it doesn’t even have any background on where to find the company itself. Below is a video review of the Vape Naked THC cartridge. Keep reading beyond that for the in depth review.

vape naked cartridge with the ceram-x battery
The vape naked may not be the best, recommended cartridge, but it does give decent smooth and light hits that get you when you least expect it.

Also, after a couple of hits, the mouth piece came off easily. I didn’t realize this until I noticed that it wasn’t straight on. It was on a slant, so I pulled it off with ease.

This cartridge had a weak atomizer, affecting the quality of hits that you take
The vape naked had a weak atomizer, making it easy to disarm as well as giving it lighter hits and light smoke.

Oil quality is probably the best feature of this cartridge

Although the Vape Naked is made careless, the distillate does get you high. I personally recommend anywhere between 3-9 watts (4-5 watts to get the full taste of it). This cart has more of a thicker oil, which made it harder to hit sometimes. Even though the Vape Naked gives rough hits, it does still get you high. You may not feel it at first but that’s because it does creep up on you.

With the strength being unofficial, the Vape Naked didn’t taste as potent

There is no telling what the exact thc percent is on this cartridge. You can’t find any of this information in the package itself. With this being said, my thoughts on the Vape Naked is that it does have some strength to it, but it is more tasty than strong. The terpenes were more flavorful, while the thc creeped in slowly. Maybe it was because of the weak atomizer that affected the hits, giving it light smoke.

It does get you high after a while of puffing on it. Depending on your tolerance, it can take anywhere between 5 – 10+ hits to actually feel a buzz. But be aware, it does get to you unexpectedly.

Vape Naked Blackberry Kush was tasteful, but would’ve been better without the burnt after taste

This particular Vape Naked cartridge did have a sweet taste to it. But it did have an after taste to it that made it taste somewhat like burnt. This was probably due to the coil overheating because of the atomizer. Like I mentioned earlier, the atomizer did have a weak built to it. If it weren’t for that, it would taste great.

It also has a sweet smell to it, which I like a lot. Smoking this cartridge is great for trying to smoke and be discreet with it. You can be smoking this anywhere and the only thing that you’ll be smelling like is blackberries.

Here are all the flavors that Vape Naked have (as far as we know):

  • Blackberry Kush
  • Jack Herer
  • OG Kush
  • Pink Panties
  • Grandaddy Purple
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Sour Tangie
vape naked cartridges
The packaging could use some work as could the cart itself.

In the beginning, Vape Naked would waste the oil

At first the Vape Naked cartridge would tend to bubble up the oil a lot, making it more difficult to hit. At one point, the oil even jumped onto my mouth burning my tongue. This problem did go away after multiple hits, but I still thought that the atomizer wasn’t strong at all throughout the whole cartridge. It does vary on the type of battery mod you use, but in general it gave light smoke.

The number of puffs were decent. The Vape Naked, depending the type of battery you use, burns smoothly and slowly. I’d say it gives around 200 hits.

As mentioned earlier, it was fairly easy to disarm this cartridge. While disarming the cartridge itself, I started to realize why it the Vape Naked didn’t give the strongest hits or thick puffs.

vape naked atomizer disarmed
The Vape Naked atomizer wasn’t as strong as other cartridges.

Personally wouldn’t put a whole lot of value to this cartridge

If professionally made, the Vape Naked would be a lot more trustworthy. The oil quality can is decent, but the build to it and the packaging is the main thing to focus on improving. Don’t get me wrong, it did get me high, but only after a while of chiefing on it.

Also, it is a bit strange to me that this cartridge is easy to disarm. For many reasons, this is probably found in certain markets and illegal states only. This makes me feel a little bit unsure about the oil quality and what exactly is in it. But from personal experience, the oil is decent. Although, the cartridge itself could be a lot better.

In conclusion,  I personally wouldn’t invest in Vape Naked unless I would want to try something new. This cartridge did give a good buzz but it just isn’t credible at all. The flavors are nice and they vary. Maybe dabbing the distillate itself would make it a bit better, but this still would not be my primary choice of smoke.


  1. Since this was written, a lot has changed! Lol. I bought a micro pen that has a refillable cartridge, but for the life of me I cannot get the mouthpiece of the Naked cartridge off to pour it into the refillable one! It is secure!
    Also, tastes great, I would totally recommend.!


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