True Meds Earth Products Cartridge Review – Another Packaging Company?


Testing True Meds cartridge, we didn’t know what to expect from it. Having never heard of them, we couldn’t find any information about the company online. Additionally, the packaging didn’t seem official nor have any background information on the company. Here we look more into True Meds Earth Products.


  • We couldn’t find any


  • Thin oil
  • Bland taste
  • No information on company

Recommendations: If this is a legit company, provide more information on the company itself, their cartridges and lab results.

True Meds Earth Products seems to be a packaging company

The packaging to these cartridges seem like a generic and amateur type of package.

After doing some research, we weren’t able to find anything about this company. No official website, no social media account, no lab results, not even anything on Reddit about it. The only thing we are able to find is various packaging being sold online. With that being said, True Meds cartridge are most likely pre-filled cartridges that the black market and vendors sell on the streets.

True Meds cartridge gives light hits and a light high

Something about this cartridge is that it is smooth and it does provide light hits. But with that, it does also give a weak high, unfortunately. It took me a while to even feel a buzz, I had to take multiple hits to feel anything. The packaging doesn’t say any THC content so we can’t say how potent it is. We can’t even be sure if it contains any sort of pesticides. But in our experience, True Meds carts didn’t feel potent at all.

Oil quality seems okay, but is very thin

The oil does look clean and give a nice gold color, but it’s also thin.

At first glance, the oil looked decent and it has a light gold color. But the color is misleading, the oil to the cartridge we picked up is very light and thin. The only good thing about this cartridge is that it is fairly efficient. Although the oil is thin, it is a little thicker than Dank Vapes. As for the strength, the high didn’t feel strong one bit.

The taste to it is very bland and simple

This is another thing I disliked about this cartridge, the one we picked up has little to no taste to it. It doesn’t say any strain name on the package. It just taste like oil and cut, it doesn’t taste like it has any terpenes in it. I personally didn’t like the taste it gives, because of that I didn’t even finish the cartridge myself.

This particular cartridge uses an inauthentic CCELL

Taking a closer look, the cartridge to the right is the True Meds cartridge and the left is from an authentic CCELL. It may be hard to see, but the left has seems thinner (the metal tube) than the cartridge to the right.

At first, we weren’t able to tell that it was a fake CELL cartridge. Our cartridge seemed authentic, it has the serial number and all three stamps underneath the cartridge itself. But taking a closer look, we compared it with another CCELL cartridge. Something we noticed is that the center of the cartridge, the metal tube, one is thicker than the other. True Meds vape carts has a thicker metal tube, leaving less room for oil.

True Meds Earth Products sell multiple packaging products

While doing research on the company, not only did we find no background information or any sort of info on them online. But we were also able to find various websites, even Amazon, selling their packaging online. Below, we show the different types of package for the cartridge we found for sale.

This is the generic package that we picked up.
One of many packages they have for sale online.
This package seems more authentic than the other ones.
Another type of packaging from True Meds Earth Products.
They even have premium roll joint packages.

In conclusion, True Meds Earth Products isn’t a reliable company

Due to the lack of information we are able to find on these cartridges, we can’t rely on them. As mentioned earlier, we have to say that this company is simply a packaging company rather than an authentic cartridge company. We just can’t find any background, website, social media or lab results on the company, there is no proof it is a registered or even a real company itself.

With this being said, the oil can be very skeptical to vape. You can’t be sure what’s in these pre-filled cartridges, be it pesticides or anything unsafe to smoke. We recommend you to get your products at dispensary and to vape at your own risk.

Have you tried True Meds Earth Products? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forum!

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