Bloom One Vape Pen Review: Small Amount of THC Oil, Not Strong

While reviewing the Bloom Pineapple Express, we didn't like the way it hits. From the taste to the cartridge, we…

3 days ago

Cannavative Cartridges Review: Clear and Strong Oil

A review on cartridges by Cannavative. This Nevada-exclusive brand produces awesome quality clear oil distillate cartridges.

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Nuvata Vape Pen Review: Hard Hitting And Delicious

I try some tasty, heavy hitting vape pens by Nuvata. I try to describe each pen’s individual highs as well…

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Dime Cartridge Review: Great Strength, Great Taste

See our Dime Industries cartridge review for an in depth look at it's THC oil and hardware. This vape turned…

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Amerijuana Cartridge Review: Good Quality But Is It A Street Brand?

Amerijuana cartridges turned to be really good and decent quality. Although we enjoyed this cartridge, it is not too trustworthy.

3 weeks ago

Leune Vape Review: Tasty, but Lacks Strength

Here we review the Leune vape pen. The battery burns out early and the oil is just not that strong.

4 weeks ago

Fake Plug Play Pods Busted

Thanks to an email tip-off, we're on the trail of counterfeit Plug Play vape cartridges. See side-by-side comparisons between real…

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The Deep Dark Mystery Of Dank Vapes

We try to sort the truth from the lies regarding Dank vapes, and close with a highly specualative guess at…

1 month ago

Caliva Cartridge Review: Great Taste, Good Strength

A review of the Caliva cartridge. This one turned out to taste excellent and had pretty good strength.

1 month ago

Rolex Cartridges Review – Decent Oil But Are They A Real Company?

Rolex Cartridges did have a decent oil, but they just aren't that trustworthy. Having no information on the company, this…

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Aces Extracts Review: One of California’s Best Carts

Here we review the Aces Extracts vape pen. It uses CCELL cartridge technology and turned out to be one of…

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Runtz Is A Fake Vape Cartridge Brand

Runtz is a fake brand that has packaging sold for everything from vape carts to weed bags to T shirts.…

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Watch Out For Fake Flav Cartridges

Flav brand, formerly known as FlavRX, has warned about fake cartridges now being out.

1 month ago

Fake West Coast Cure: New Ones Spotted, Change Coming

Fake West Coast Cure packaging and cartridges have begun to appear online, with the promise of more fake oil soon…

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Fake Select Elite Cartridges: Now Spreading

Knock-off Select Elite oil cartridge packaging has been spotted in the wild, which means it's coming to a black market…

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Springfield Farms Carts Are Unregulated, Unpredictable

Springfield Farms is just another type of packaging. Here we check out the "brand" and see why you might want…

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Old Pal Cartridge Review: Best Potency for The Price

Here we check out the Old Pal cartridge. This cart is low cost, but still has effective THC oil and…

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South Carts Vape Cartridges Are Spreading

More fake cartridges exposed. South Cart cartridges are finding their way across the country and you should know what you…

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