Innocent Extracts Carts : Seem Pretty Guilty

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Is Your Dispensary Safe? Maybe Not In Michigan!

Finally, a new season of Fake Cart Detective! And this time we get to go somewhere besides California! Constantly here…

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IndoCart – Great Strength and Taste, Real Cannabis Terpenes

IndoCarts are all around great cartridges. They got excellent taste, strength, and smoothness.

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Ispire Ducore Review – The Hardest Hitting Cart Hardware

We loaded up the new Ispire Ducore to see how this new vape tank hits. Be prepared for some monster…

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IESO Cartridge Review – Smooth and Flavorful Hits, Not As Strong

The IESO cartridge review revealed to be a smooth, tasteful cartridge and provides a nice high but the oil isn't…

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IONIC Cartridge: One Of The Best, But Some History

Here we review the IONIC cartridge. This is one of the best THC vape cartridges you can get anywhere. Read…

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