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Lime is a company out in California that produces a variety of premium products. Here we go over the Lime vape disposable. These half-gram disposables are very efficient and provide nice and quality oil. Although they’re not the strongest, these disposables deliver very smooth hits.


  • Smooth hits
  • Fairly efficient
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Not that strong

Recommendations: Provide a slightly higher strength.

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Check out our video review below. Then keep reading on for the more in-depth review.

Lime Vape delivers smooth and efficient hits

lime 100% california
The hardware used for these disposables is nice and convenient, nothing special.

Not knowing what to expect, Lime vape disposable turned out to be decent and very efficient. These disposables deliver nice, light hits following fair strength. Not the strongest disposable out there but the strength is still nice. I really enjoy how smoothly the effects come up because of how smooth the hits deliver.

Lime vape disposable comes with decent hardware, rechargeable battery

disposable vape pen
Underneath the disposable itself, you can charge the device.

The hardware these lime vape disposable use is very simple. I’ve actually seen them, similar to  the Straight Fire disposable. But the hardware is nice and worked fine all throughout my use of it. Since these are only half gram disposables, I didn’t need to recharge my device but I like that it gives you the option of doing so if needed.

Fairly strong and very efficient oil quality

lime disposable
The quality of the oil in these disposables is nice and thick. Not the most thick, but still fairly strong and it gives a nice light color.

This Lime vape disposable lands at 87% THC. And it is fairly strong, but it isn’t the most potent disposable out there. Although it is at a relatively high THC percentage, this doesn’t mean it hits potent or gives the strongest high. Lime vape disposable delivers more of light smooth hits.

lime lab results
THC lab results.

But with that being said, these disposables are very efficient. The hardware burns very smoothly and efficiently. Not only that but this disposable delivers slightly light hits, which can help burn the oil more smoothly. These disposables can last a good amount of time, and I enjoy how convenient they are.

Nice, relaxing and lasting high

Because of how smooth these vape pens hits, it gives a very mellow and relaxing high. The strain that we picked up is a Sativa. Although it does give a slight uplifting high, it’s more mellow and relaxing. Also, the duration of this high does last a good time. In general, these Lime vape disposable deliver an excellent high.

Lime vape disposable are high in the number of puffs

As mentioned before, since this disposable delivers smoother and more light hits, it can help preserve your oil. I was surprised as to how many hits I was able to get out of this device. But you can get a decent amount of hits with it just being half a gram.

Smooth and light taste

The flavor that we picked up, Blue Dream, provides a more light and smooth taste to it. I like how light it is in flavor, a slightly sweet taste. Not strong in flavor nor does it taste artificial at all. Some may prefer something stronger in flavor but I enjoyed the smooth light flavor these disposables provided.

Lime Vape Disposable vs Kanji Disposable

thc disposable vape pens
Both providing great quality oil, the Kanji is stronger and delivers more flavorful hits. Lime vape disposable is a Cali base brand and Kanji is Nevada based.

Both half gram disposables, they both have nice hardware, great oil quality, and both deliver a very nice high. Although Lime vape disposable are higher in THC, I enjoyed Kanji’s strength more. Even though Lime disposables are higher in THC, the strength in the Kanji’s feel stronger and the high is more instant. Also, Kanji provides a more flavorful taste. Some may prefer the simple light taste of Lime vape disposable but personally I prefer the stronger, flavorful taste of Kanji disposables. Regardless, they both provide great quality oil and deliver a nice high.

For its value, it’s a decent disposable

You can find these disposables in various dispensaries in California for about $40. For half-gram disposables, this isn’t that bad of a price. Don’t expect anything amazing or a very potent disposable, but for its quality oil, it is a nice device. These disposables still deliver nice oil and very smooth hits.

Concluding our review of the Lime Vape Disposable…

thc vape pen
Overall, these disposables are very convenient to carry and deliver smooth hits.

In conclusion, I did enjoy these neat and convenient disposables. Although they aren’t the strongest, they still deliver great quality oil and a nice, lasting high. For something quick and convenient to carry around, these vape disposables are worth the try. You can learn more about them and even find their store locater here.

Have you tried the Lime vape disposable yourself? Comments or questions? Post your experience and thoughts, and comment below or in our forum!


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