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Today I will look at Legion Of Bloom California sauce cartridges. I’ve enjoyed this brand in the past, particularly their Monarch cartridges, which are now available in full grams. I have also tried their Pax Era pods, which were decent for Pax Era pods, particularly the Lavender Kush pod, which was tastier than most Pax pods.

Recently, Legion of Bloom has won 3 major awards at the 2019 Emerald Cup, including 2nd place for live resin cartridge for their Lemon Cake California Sauce cartridge. They also won 1st and 3rd place distillate cartridge for their Tangie and Banjo cartridges from their Monarch line, respectively. I will discuss the pros and cons of this cartridge.


  • Excellent potency
  • Great oil quality
  • Strain-specific entourage effects
  • Uses efficient CCell hardware
  • Affordable prices


  • Not quite as much flavor as other live resin cartridges

Recommendations: The Orange Creamsicle cartridge could have more flavor. More strains would be welcome.

Legion of Bloom uses HTFSE for their California sauce cartridges

Legion Of Bloom California sauce cartridges uses live resin high terpene full spectrum extract with triple refined cannabis oil for their California sauce cartridges. This article in Weedmaps explains that “HTE sauce is essentially deconstructed shatter, in which the terpenes and cannabinoids are naturally separated” by using various pressures and temperatures.

legion of bloom box open
Chilling with the Legion of Bloom cart by the pool

Oil quality is similar to Heavy Hitters Live, Absolute Extracts Live

For this review, I picked up their Orange Creamsicle California sauce. Orange Creamsicle is a cross between Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit. The THC is 70% and the total cannabinoids is 78% for this cartridge. When opening the packaging, the cartridge is visible in a clear plastic container. Upon opening the plastic container, it smells like orange rinds and creamy vanilla just coming from the cartridge itself. The oil quality looks dark and amber-like ABX Live, Heavy Hitters, and WOX/URSA diamond sauce carts. This oil seems to burn at a relatively normal rate for a sauce cartridge.

abx live resin cart
The THC oil is a little bit on the darker side in color.

The California sauce cartridge is an improvement on the Monarch

The build quality and design feel solid and sturdy, which feels improved since their half gram Monarch cartridges that I’ve tried in the past. The airflow also had no issues throughout the use of this cartridge. Each Legion of Bloom California Sauce cartridge has its logo printed in white with the word CALISAUCE and a bear emblem printed on the bottom metal of the cartridge.

legion of bloom box cartridge close up
The oil quality is consistent throughout the cart’s use.

Its potency is similar to Heavy Hitters Live, Rove Feature Farms Live Resin, WOX/URSA

The effects definitely felt very strong, as it does creep up on you. I felt a nice cerebral euphoria before feeling relaxed, uplifted, and creative, which was perfect for a morning wake and bake or during the daytime. Its potency is close to what I’ve experienced with Heavy Hitters, Rove Featured Farms Live Resin, WOX/URSA diamond sauce carts. However, the effects felt stronger than some of the cured resin cartridges from Friendly Farms and Rove Featured Farms as well as some of the more recent Raw Garden cartridges, in that the entourage effects felt like they lasted longer than those cartridges.

heavy hitters live resin review

Its taste was similar to Absolute Extracts Live, better than cured resin from Friendly Farms and Rove Featured Farms

The taste itself is very floral, earthy with a creamy vanilla aftertaste. If the potency was similar to Heavy Hitters, WOX, and URSA diamond sauce carts, the taste and smoothness is similar to ABX Live in that the taste leaves some room for improvement. It also tasted better than some of the cured resin cartridges from both Friendly Farms and Rove Featured Farms.  

legion of bloom box lab test
Legion of bloom lab test results.

The hardware and airflow is great for California sauce cartridges, better than the Monarch from last year

The hardware and airflow have also improved since the half gram Monarch cartridges. This half gram didn’t nearly give me as many problems as the Jeeter Juice Purple Punch cartridge in terms of airflow. It’s more or less similar to Heavy Hitters hardware for their live resin cartridge.

Both live resin and distillate cartridges from Legion of Bloom is within an affordable price range

Both the Monarch and the California Sauce cartridges are among the more affordable prices in LA. Their Pax Era pods, on the other hand, are a bit pricier and slightly less potent. In my opinion, both their distillate and California sauce in their regular 510-thread cartridges are worth checking out and recommended for their prices. 


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Legion of Bloom is highly recommended for its oil quality, hardware, strength

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this cartridge along with Monarch distillate cartridges for better hardware, strength, and oil quality; however, the taste can be improved for Orange Creamsicle. I would recommend their Lemon Cake, which was tastier than Orange Creamsicle, in my opinion.

Legion of Bloom is currently available in flower, Monarch distillate cartridges, and California sauce cartridges as well as Pax Era pods for both distillate and California sauce in most Southern California dispensaries. The lab results tested by SC Labs are available here.

You can find Legion of Bloom products using their store locator.

What are your thoughts on Legion of Bloom carts? Did you try them? Comment below or in our forum!


  1. I been a constant buyer of their cartridge since they changed their cartridge supplier. I think this happened last year when they switched manufacturers or sometin. I first tried their products back in 2018 at a outdoor smoke event in Sonona County but they carts kept leaking oil out of the mouthpiece into my mouth. It pissed me off and burnt my tongue. I gave them a second chance with the Monarch half grams last Christmast time when a dispensary was doing a promo and it was a good experience. Since then i tried all 3 diff strains of their MOnarch in both 1 and half grams and have never had an issue. It hits good, flavor is good and no artificial taste.

    After reading this review i look forward and cant wait to buy some of their california sauce carts

    • Glad to hear you gave em another try! Unfortunately it happens way too often some number cruncher makes good oil into a not so good cart by using bad hardware and saving 50c a cart. There’s some carts out there that might even be best of best with better hardware, like the Remedy cart.

  2. Great review! It’s really interesting to see the lab test results, because I just got my medical card here in July, and I’ve only tried a few brands so far. I’ve only tried one brand of live resin, both in concentrate form and in a cart, specifically the Airopro live resin “Airo Pods” as they recently started calling them. I’ve noticed with the Airopro live resin pods that I’ve bought, that they still have some THCA. This 92 Chips Airopro live resin cart that I got recently, has 215.4 mg of THC and 147.08 mg of THCA, for a total THC of 344.39 mg.

    I’ve been curious about how they go about putting different concentrates into carts, and it’s interesting that there could be a way to put live resin into a cart without fully decarboxylating it, which vaporizes the terpenes at the same time. I’ve seen a few videos that show how to put concentrates into carts, but they say to fully decarb, and then add terpenes afterwards, but I don’t want to waste the natural terpenes, especially in live resin or live rosin.


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