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BLOOM FARMS cartridges come in live resin as well as other formats of oil. After reviewing different BLOOM FARMS cartridges, I found the live resin to be the best of their line up. Here we review this brand’s THC vape varts in depth.

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  • The Liquid Live Resin cartridge is strong
  • Uses CCELL hardware


  • Taste is not that great
  • Uses the plastic version of the CCELL hardware

Recommendations: This will be a much better cartridge In a TH2 and make all of the other cartridges as strong as the live resin version.

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I found  Remedy Cartridge or Raw Garden.

See our video review of the BLOOM FARMS Cartridge below. Keep reading on for the detailed review.

BLOOM FARMS cartridges vary in quality

BLOOM FARMS live resin
Packaging can vary depending on cartridge type.

BLOOM FARMS vape cartridges are available in California, Colorado and Nevada. This review spans over two states, Nevada and California, and two types of cartridges they produce, one live resin and the other possibly distillate, but did not seem like live resin nor indicate that on the packaging.

I found the live resin that I purchased in California to be the stronger one substantially of the two. The other one was not bad, but an average cart compared to what else was available. The non-live resin cartridge was purchased in Ely, Nevada.

BLOOM FARMS uses good hardware but it could be one notch up with glass

BLOOM FARMS cartridge
The oil looks a bit brown.

BLOOM FARMS uses what looks like a CCELL M6T cartridge with a custom plastic tip that says BLOOM FARMS imprinted on it. This is not bad hardware at all, it hits excellent.

I do strongly prefer a TH2 though, this is the glass and ceramic CCELL variant that has a top that can be unscrewed. This M6T is the same one that Select Elite uses. Overall it’s good but not the absolute best.

Oil quality is good on BLOOM FARMS vapes

BLOOM FARMS Live Resin cart with wood tip

The color of the oil leaves me to believe that BLOOM FARMS use trim to make their oil. When you look at cartridges like Raw Garden that are Live Resin or Remedy, they come out a much lighter color. Both BLOOM FARMS cartridges that I have tried have a dark color that is very comparable to Select Elite, which also is made from trim.

BLOOM FARMS is probably made from trim, that’s not always a bad thing if it’s still strong. However, it does affect the taste as we’ll discuss below.

Flavor went from not so great to good, depending on the cartridge

bloom farms test results
This one did not test too strong at 76.4% THC.

The first BLOOM FARMS cartridge I’ve got did not taste good. It did not taste bad either, it’s not terrible. It tastes a lot better than a lot of CO2 vapes out there. However, it just did not taste excellent.

Taste is very similar to Select Elite cartridges on the non-live resin cart which are known for its strength, not really the taste. I would say the second cartridge I bought that is live resin tastes much better than the first one.

Efficiency is top-notch on BLOOM FARMS cartridges

Packaging keeps it fresh.

You can’t go wrong with a CCELL cartridge on efficiency, it is about as efficient as you can get. The only more efficient carts we have seen don’t come prefilled, like the Linx Hermes 3 and the SPRK cartridge.

The way it hits also adds to efficiency because CCELL is giving a nice strong hit on each draw. I would say the mouthpiece on the BLOOM FARMS is better than the mouthpiece on the Select Elite cartridge. Something about it gives a little bit better airflow.

Value is improved since some of your money goes to charity

BLOOM FARMS: A 1-for-1 company

BLOOM FARMS is a 1-for-1 company. Their pledge is to donate a healthy meal to a food-insecure individual or family with every purchase of a BLOOM FARMS product. So far, their 1-for-1 program has donated over 2 million healthy meals since 2015.

When you go for the raw value, compared to other cartridges BLOOM FARMS are more expensive. In California, its $45 each when a Select Elite cartridge was $40 each. Its also more expensive than Aces Extracts, and I would definitely take their Energize vape over either of the Bloom cartridges.

However, BLOOM FARMS provides a good value because you are helping people eat buying their products. Straight cartridge to cartridge, there are better values out there for the same amount of money. If you’re in Nevada, you can get a Cannavative Cartridge for $40 that will outperform it. Cannavative and Roots will outperform it for a comparable or lower price. In California, Aces Extracts and Select Elite are going to be stronger.

Concluding our review on BLOOM FARMS Cartridges

The box seemed like it might be recyclable.

BLOOM FARMS cartridges turned out to be decent. The second one was substantially stronger than the first and it was a big improvement. The second one was also bought about a month after the first one, so it’s possible that this improvement has gone across the board.

It’s nice that they give away to charity and support great causes. Many people love these cartridges, and I think they’re pretty good. However, I do not think it is one of the best out there BLOOM FARMS is definitely something I will continue to pick up because it’s possible that they will keep making better and better products. The jump in quality from the first to the second cart I had was significant.

To learn more about BLOOM FARMS, you can visit their website here or Instagram here.

Have you tried the BLOOM FARMS cartridges before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forum!


  1. You really should not write a revirew until you know what you are speaking of. The reason Raw garden live resin carts are lighter is not because of the product/trim used lmfao! Raw garden mixes a distillate along with their live resin , as do other companies to improve vicosoity! This lightens the color- FACT! When live resin is UNDILUTED- it is darker in color ALWAYS! FACT! Any brand that tells you they using undiluted live resin you will find the substnce to be darker/amber in color. The best live resin carts tell you the terpene content level…ie Buddies, Ursa which will tell you how flavorful a product you receive….which along with the high will be by far the most important factors. Both Buddies and Ursa carts are pure liquid live resin undiluted and delicious.


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