Puffco, legally named Puff Corp,  is currently facing a class action lawsuit filed in Arizona, under the grounds that Puffco’s Peak vaporizers are defective. The case was filed in March 29, 2019 in Arizona. Issues with the vaporizers battery unit and atomizer allegedly cause users to pay additional expenses on top of the original cost of the vape. The product retails at $377.99. The Puffco Peak vaporizer comes with the following:

  • an atomizer
  • a carrying case
  • cleaning swabs
  • a loading tool, micro USB cable and “supercharger”
  • a carb cap
  • extra ceramic bowl

Included in the packaging is a manual on how to use the device and the summary of the 1 year warranty for the device. The warranty however, does not cover the whole device but just the “electronic base.”  The warranty doesn’t cover “glass, atomizers, normal wear and tear, or damage caused by accident or abuse.”

Puffco started selling Peak vaporizers started last January 2018. We made a post on the Puffco Peak when it just came out. Prior to that we reviewed the Puffco Plus and Pro 2. We cannot say whether or not the lawsuit will be successful or even if it is properly warranted.

Atomizers do break easily on many vape related items so maybe it is not as bad as it seems?

Puffco lawsuit over the Peak dab rig stems from numerous product failures

As consumers, it can already be frustrating to discover when you would have to make other purchases for defects and replacements. Especially since the unit itself isn’t cheap. Users pay $39.99 for a replacement of the atomizer. A separate warranty exists on Puffco’s website for all authentic Puffco-branded products. It says “the product will be free of defects in design, assembly, material, or workmanship.”

This statement leads people into thinking that Peak is in excellent condition. Customers shouldn’t  have to worry about constant failures. Puffco wouldn’t be in this position if they did follow through on that statement. From the lawsuit:

“PEAK suffers from design and/or manufacturing defects wherein: 1) the battery will not remain charged, or never charges at all; and, 2) the atomizers provided with the PEAK and replacement atomizers are defective in that they do not heat properly or at all.”

In addition to this, the complaint claims experiences of inefficient customer service. The customer service department only provides an email address as the only way of contacting them. A phone number isn’t available for customers to call. They have said the company takes weeks to respond to complaints.

Puffco is getting a lot of hate on the internet for their product

People on the internet have been expressing their opinions on Puffco after learning about the lawsuit. Here are some of the of the people have to say about Puffco.

puffco lawsuit
Weedtuber Josh telling that Puffco doesn’t function (Photo credit: @strain)central)
Puffco lawsuit reaction
Users share their experience with Puffco durability (Photo credit: @puffcolawsuit)


puffco review
Another unsatisfied customer here (Photo credit: @ puffcolawsuit)

The case is making some pretty serious claims about the Puffco Peak

The full case filing is here.  You can see numerous complaints made against Puffco. Obviously, this will affect the brand negatively. Here’s the main purpose of the lawsuit:

“These vaporizers are defective. In some cases, the battery unit does not hold a
charge or does not charge at all. In other cases, the atomizers break with a single use, or a few uses. Atomizers are not covered by PUFFCO’s limited warranty and are $39.99 to

Basically, the filed claim says Puffco is scamming people because they are selling products where one part breaks right away and you have to pay for a replacement. THey are also claiming that PuffCo deliberately hid the problems from consumers, stating:

“By engaging in the conduct described herein, PUFFCO violated A.R.S. §
44-1522 by misrepresenting and concealing the nature and scope of the defective PEAK batteries and atomizers, as Plaintiff and putative class members relied on those representations and bore the cost of multiple sets of replacement atomizers and/or otherwise incurred damages.”

Basically they are saying that Puffco knew they had defective products but just kept selling them and forcing people to keep buying new atomizers.

Leafly article statements used against Puffco

Puffco CEO Roger Volodarsky admitted that PUFFCO was aware of the defect issues and
stated the following:

“If you’re one of the first to buy it, you’re going to be one of the first
to experience issues.”

The lawsuit goes on to state:

Despite this knowledge of the pervasive defects, no national recall action has even been undertaken by PUFFCO to warn consumers, remove the defective product from circulation, or replace the defective atomizers or batteries.

Basically they knowingly kept selling a bad product is what the lawsuit claims. I think most of us are used to having failures with dab pens, but we do expect the companies to replace any defective products. This lawsuit seems like the culmination of months of poorly handled customer service requests.

You should join the lawsuit if you have a defective Puffco Peak or atomizers

Since the lawsuit is a class action, multiple plaintiffs can join. Might as well join if you are effected to get some money back. The reality is who knows if Puffco is really solvent. This could be the end for the company financially and put them into bankruptcy.

If you need help joining the lawsuit email us at irvin@ and we will send you information on how to join.

If you have not yet bought a Puffco product, it might be worth avoiding since there may be no support if this lawsuit does actually force them into bankruptcy.


  1. 1) why do stoners insist on talking and thinking like idiots.
    2) why are you quoting people saying nonsense like “don’t use puffco they don’t work, fam.” Like duh, some of them MUST WORK but being a stoner I guess you have to talk like an asshole or nobody will listen?

  2. DO not buy i dont know if im the only one to have this issue but my puffco peak on low tempurature malfuntioned mid hit on olow temperature completely burning the whole atoizer and burning my lungs i coughed up blood for several hours after the event !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! contact me if you have any questions i have had every other issue occur aswell but i have been left with damage that i dont think will heal.

  3. When I purchased the peak, it arrived defective & it wouldn’t even turn on. They were able to replace it since I said something in time but the warranty base that was sent after didn’t even last 2 weeks.. waiting for my third base now after only having the product in my possession for less than 2 weeks. We will see if third time is the charm.

    • If you’re ever looking for a new E-rig, I highly recommend the Ispire Daab, which has replaceable batteries, no atomizers to replace and an all glass airpath. It blows Puffco’s products out of the water and costs about half as much with a promo code. It uses induction heating and has a much better glass rig attachment than the Peak. Basically, you don’t need to sink $200+ into it for it to function well like you do with Puffco’s products. And you can extend the battery life by buying higher capacity batteries and have several sets on hand with an external charger, so you never need to worry about waiting for it to charge. It uses 18650 batteries, same as vape mods.

  4. I bought one it lasted two days after I bought it. Followed all the instructions on cleaning and everything, biggest regret of my life

  5. It is true the atomizer break really easy. I bought one and within a week it didn’t heat right. I have bought alot of atomizers. This is really getting frustrating, when you have to keep buying atomizer every week to make it work. Fix the atomizer problem and you would have a great product . Was excited about buying a peak but after spending more on atomizer then what the products cost it self is pretty frustrating. Just off the top of my head I have bought more than 15 atomizer that I remember, at 39.99 a piece!!!!!!!!

    • That’s way expensive sorry to hear that hopefully they get it all fixed up and replace them for people who had these issues. 15 is way too many to go bad. That should be years of use.

  6. Got mine for Xmas only worked for 2 days went back to the shop I bought it and said couldn’t do anything for me and I can email them but it will take a process , this a bummmmmmmmer

  7. Straight trash product, where the owner trashes people who ask him to fix support issues his company has with getting back to people in a reasonable time and replacing the product. The culture he created is “stop bitching things break” but generally a product breaks after a long time using a product not right out of the box. Rogers attitude twords customers who just dropped 300 bucks in his product (which is probably about 700% mark up from manufacturing cost conservatively) is more trash than the product itself. His whole philosophy is not “the customer is always right”, his is “the customer’s always a pain in my ass get the fuck off my live stream… I just baaned and blocked them, back to getting high” but one of the hidden dangers of this piece of crap is that the ceramic bowls ceramics flake up and can cause all types of damage to your lungs. You need to get a sic insert for the bowl making the real cost to own on there another 100. Support your local glassblowers, if your afraid of a torch look into the lookah v7 (works pretty good) works on any 14mm or 18mm still waiting in a 10mm adapter (chamber on this guy is quartz). I’ve also heard good things about the new gpen dab rig thingy, I’m still waiting a little longer on that to see if the SiC guys make an insert for that too or they say there is an issue with the product like they have said about the carta (atomizer melts cheap surrounding plastic and who knows what your inhaling now) and the puffco (generally broken out of the box and watch for that flake)

  8. Don’t believe ANY POSITIVE reviews about this company’s or product; the company puts efforts in marketing and money schemes than product quality…

    I own the Plus and I hate it! Atomizers last maybe 3 weeks and either crack, bottom floor plate dislocates and rips wiring, mesh around walls cracks or gets misplaced (affecting conduction)…

    This product is far beyond solid, I would rather have all the glues and shit for one solid Atomizer than paying over $200 (lost count) in just extra atomizers in the 6 months I’ve owned it

  9. I think a lot of the problems tend to be user error especially when it comes to the atomizer. If your base messes up they will send you a new one. While I have not had a problem myself I did know a guy online who said his face did not work and was promptly replaced.

    I own the puffco peak and the puffco Plus and I’ve only ever had one puffco plus chamber be defective. I contacted puffco who asked for a video of the defective product and after I sent them the video they sent me my new chamber.

    some people complain about the customer service but are also never willing to provide a video that proves their claim. I can’t Pichu mad at a company who doesn’t want to send out something free to every single person who complains otherwise that would put them in bankruptcy. I do not think this lawsuit will hold up

    Also learn to take care of your Peak it’s not a friggin tank. Still on my very first atomizer here.

    • all good points…. and looking at most of Puffcos stuff it probably is not super cheap to make and makes sense they do not want to send it out for free all the time. the lawsuit may not work out and we hope either way puffco makes it through.

  10. never had a problem with my peak been handling this baby with very much carr and still on my first atomizer.. swab each use very gently with no pressure to maintain its flavor.(using ceramic stock) but hey i guess im one of the lucky ones with the non defective peak lmao.. they must have felt robbed each time they break their atomizer without proper care.. yah it costs money but the convenience covers it all up.. this is so portable i have this sitting in my truck and the size is perfect. 2 clicks low temp dabs on green level i get so much more using the device. good luck on the lawsuit hope they get their $39.99 back or send them a guide “Puffco Peak for Dummies – How to clean and use step by step so you dont end up breaking your device and jumping on the wackwagon”.. its like saying Im going to sue Jordans they sold me a sneaker for $300 and change and its getting dirty and creased up and them things costs like $20-30 to make in China… class action lawsuit Ha Ha Ha! You break you buy fam.. move on ?

    • Thank you for your comment and we went and added to this post that it might not be all their fault. Everyone at our site’s experience with Puffco had been good before so we may wonder if it is people possibly breaking the item.

      We do hope they properly replace anything and maybe that we would think would make the situation better. They had previously well made products so maybe this can all be fixed and they will move on.

      Also what things do you recommend for owners of the Peak to avoid breaking their atomizers?

    • Seriously, I actually like my Peak. Granted, I’ve only had it two weeks but the battery lasts 16 hours of almost continuous use and despite the fact that I’ve bought jic replacement atomizers, I haven’t had to use them. I clean out the atomizer with just a qtip after every use. At night I rinse out the glass. I only use Piece Water so I don’t have to use alcohol on my glass. I’m not sure when I need to clean my atomizer in alcohol, as it has yet to appear dirty. Btw, I’m wondering if you can charge the unit without the glass attached. Anyone who can answer, I’d greatly appreciate it. Sorry for my two cents.


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