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What’s up hash heads?! Got another cool kuLi product to review today. This is their dRIP Tip, which acts as a hot knife [*] for your dabs. You can use both this tip and their vape chamber on the included v2 battery. The same goes for the v2 dab kit. Both tops are completely interchangeable with each other’s batteries. How awesome is that? 


  • Super easy to use
  • Sleek, small form factor. Very discreet
  • Interchangeable battery and tips (can use each tip on each battery)
  • Manual Mode. I found having to double click to stop the heating cycle each time a bit cumbersome. Much easier to press and release and be done
  • Decent battery life
  • A hot knife makes a stickier concentrate easy to work with


  • None really. Just have to make sure you clean the device like any other

Recommendations: None

kuli drip kit box

KuLi dRIP kit is very easy to use

This KuLi dRIP kit comes with their v2 battery, a mouthpiece as well as their dRIP Tip, and a USB-C charger.

The function and use are pretty much the same as their v2 Dab Kit. To power on/off the device, you simply click the power button 5 times. By default, the device is in what’s called ‘Manual Mode’. You have to press and hold the power button to engage the heating element. I recommend this method over the ‘Auto’ feature.

kuli drip kit unit

Lots of heat settings are available

To use their ‘Auto Mode’, simply click the power button twice after the device is turned on. This will start to heat the tip and allow the dab to drop into your desired dabbing device.

If you want to change heat settings, click 3 times to cycle through them: 2.8V white, 3.2V blue, 3.7V green, 4.2V red

I recommend sticking with the lower settings unless the product you’re working with is very sticky. Even then, the White and Blue settings seem to work just fine. Remember concentrate and heat don’t mix unless you’re doing a dab. Try to keep your product as cool as possible when dabbing (room temp ideally, about 65-75 F).

kuli drip kit box back

Editor’s Note: What is a “hot knife”?

Extra Weed Trivia Geek-Out ahead:

In this context, a hot knife is simply a heated tool for handling daps, especially extracts that are troublesome to handle. As you see from the video review, Bob is also using a glass rig + ye olde blowtorch to do the job.


There’s also another context for hot knives, which is using them as a stand-alone device to consume cannabis extract. This fun little blog post at reeferposts fills you in on the details. Briefly, take 1 or 2 regular kitchen butter-knives, heat the tips on the kitchen stove, and use the red hot tips to vaporize wax, hash, resin, or even flower. You get a big funnel or other substitute to try to inhale the vapor. This is also called by various names such as “knife hits,” “spotting,” etc., ways to do “spots” of cannabis.

If you’re just now learning about this other “hot knives” and saying, “that sounds pretty ghetto,” ding, you are correct! It’s the kind of consumption method you typically only stoop to when you’re a broke teenager, somewhere along the same axis as smoking a pile of trim off an aluminum pop can. Doing spots off heated cutlery has various problems with safety at worst, and efficiency at best. And when it comes to improvised ways to consume dry herb, even most novices will think of crafting the classic plastic jug bong to smoke it and be done with it.

Anyway, we’re only reviewing the KuLi Drip Kit for the purpose of dab handling. We now turn the review back over to Bob to take it home.

Concluding this review

In conclusion, this is a pretty nice device. The form is sleek and utilitarian. Function and use are straightforward and easy. Device upkeep and care are minimal, however, I want to stress to keep the tip and the tips connections clean, so as to improve the life of the device. I found it could get a little funky with repeated use if I didn’t wipe it off every so often. I stick to the lower 2 heat settings. No need to use the higher settings. All in all, I really enjoyed using this device. I’m glad they made the tips interchangeable with each other’s battery (both appear to be the v2 battery model).

You can purchase the dRIP Tip separately or in a kit, as well as replacement parts at!

Have you tried the KuLi dRIP Tip? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.



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