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I recently got the opportunity to try a few products from Industrial Hemp Farms. I tried two different live resin cartridges and they were both great. Each had a distinct and tasty flavor with good potency to go with it.


  • Pretty Smooth
  • Quite Tasty 
  • Nice High
  • Good Value


  •  Doesn’t last that long 

Recommendations: Longer-lasting effects would be great

industrial hemp farm delta 8 cart

Grape Soda and the skies

Let’s start by going over the Granddaddy Purple. This delivery arrived right before the meteor shower on August 12th so I figured there was no better time to test this out than right now. I had been at work all day and pretty stressed out but the cartridge fixed all of that. I immediately felt calmer and ready to sit with myself and my thoughts and simply watch the sky. The flavor was great as in my opinion this cartridge tasted pretty much like grape soda. It was also pretty smooth only causing coughing or choking if the pull I took was extraordinarily long. 

Pineapple Express tasted fantastic

Now let’s move on to the Pineapple Express. So I tried this for the first time the following day after the meteor shower. I received an email from a company I work with and I realized I had a full two days ahead of me as this project was due almost immediately. So I switched from the more chill Indica to a more lifting and euphoric Hybrid-Sativa. This cartridge also tasted fantastic. I love the taste of pineapple and having that mixed with the bouncy head high of the Pineapple Express was great.

I am not as big of a fan of Sativas. As I feel they can actually increase my anxiety after a certain point, this one was pretty solid. I was able to use this and get all of my work done in time and any jittery-ness I may have experienced I would attribute to working about 28 hours in two days. However, having the Pineapple Express provide me with a nice euphoric high definitely helped keep me positive through the whole process.

grand daddy purple

Not that strong

One major downside I saw with this and also the Pineapple Express is that I don’t feel the recommended dosage is enough to fully feel the effects for a regular cannabis user. On the packaging, it states that one puff every 90 minutes should be sufficient. While I understand it is probably better for the more casual or occasional weed smoker to see that and know that it might be best to take it easy on this because the high can get pretty intense, I just don’t think that is a realistic dosage for a consistent cannabis user. I have pretty intense anxiety and one way that I help use cannabis to combat it is by taking very small hits when I feel it start to creep up again. This strategy has pretty consistently worked for me and is part of the reason I enjoy using live resin cartridges as one of my main forms of cannabis consumption.

It is very easy to take a small hit and then stop immediately as opposed to if you are smoking a joint or blunt, which unless you intend on wasting a considerable amount of product, generally requires you to smoke more than a singular hit at a time. Another major benefit to the live resin cartridges is that they are discreet. While in California it is completely legal to use cannabis recreationally, it is still frowned upon by many different people. So having a small device to help you quickly and discreetly feel the effects you desire is great. While not completely odorless, the cartridges give off such a small and faint scent that unless you are next to someone while they are using they would never know. That is to say, the scent doesn’t stay with you in the way that the smell of smoke would.

Concluding this review

Both the Pineapple Express and GrandDaddy Purple were great. I did prefer the more calming Granddaddy Purple if I had to pick one. But honestly, they both have their place. I definitely have found myself switching back and forth whenever I feel myself needing more of a lift in my mood or if I feel I need to calm down after experiencing some pretty intense anxiety. These carts would be best suited for anyone just trying to enjoy themselves, have a nice chill day or night, or maintain focus while getting some work done. I would also like to note that the Pineapple Express cartridge did have the little metal piece fall out of the bottom. Had I not been home could have made the cartridge useless but luckily I was able to just pick it up and slide it back into place. To avoid this I would simply use caution when switching cartridges or taking it off the battery for charging. Until next time!

You can find out more about Industrial Hemp Farms here.

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