Marijuana delivery services distribute marijuana to medical marijuana patients. They are similar to most other delivery services because driver simply delivers and drops off medical marijuana to patients.

They are popular in cities that ban dispensaries. Some cities in California ban marijuana dispensaries, for example. As a result, marijuana delivery services deliver medical marijuana to patients in these cities.

Beware Scam Websites!

In the past year, we at DabConnection have been finding an increasing number of scam websites which take customers’ payments and then don’t deliver. We have reported on some of those here and here. Services like have worked to expose these sites, but hundreds pop up every day.

To properly screen a delivery service, try the following:

  • Find them through a reputable directory. Right now, our closest nomination for that is Leafly.
  • Check the site with Scam.Directory to see if it’s been reported.
  • Check the licensing bureau relevant to your state, for the license status of that business.
  • Never try delivery in an illegal state.
  • Be aware that not all legalized states allow delivery yet.
  • Beware of any service requiring you to pay online through means not easily recomped, such as Bitcoin.
  • No business may send cannabis products through shipment – not USPS, UPS, or FedEX. This holds true as long as cannabis is still prohibited at the federal level.

Leafly has a full page guide on cannabis delivery FAQs, updated for COVID-19.



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