Select Elite is one brand of vape cartridge that gets good reviews across the board. We certainly had no complaints about them in our Select Elite review. The flavor is not the greatest but they are consistently one of the best brands on strength and they are available in multiple states.

Fake Select Elite carts are now on DHgate

Which makes it a shame to see empty Select Elite carts show up on the market. They were one of the most popular brands that avoided being faked for a long time.  Below are fake Select Elite cartridges, sold directly on DHgate.

fake select elite

If you see puzzled reviews on YouTube asking what happened to the consistent quality, this is probably what happened. One of our reviewers has gotten over 15 Select Elite carts in both CA and NV and we can safely say they are one of the consistently strongest brands.

Sticker inconsistencies make it hard to tell if your Select Elite cart is real

Below is a picture of a real Select Elite cartridge and above you saw the fakes. The problem with Select Elite is the stickers are not always consistent. Different batches in different areas will have different stickers. Even within California the stickers can vary.

Below is a picture of a recently purchased Select Elite cart from California.

Select Elite cartridge dispensary

There is a sticker on the front and on the back in California. Select regularly gets excellent recommendations all around and the carts price up to $70, so it’s no wonder that the knock-offs want a piece of this action.

Below is a picture of the front of the packaging of a Select Elite Flo strain cartridge purchased in Las Vegas, Nevada. Notice there is no sticker on the front.

Now check the back below. The sticker on the back has information on THC percentages and the like. California has the back sticker too, but also has the front sticker summarizing details.

The lack of consistency in Select’s own stickering process makes it harder to identify fakes.

We recommend buying your cannabis oil products from a legitimate retailer and this will ensure you do not get a fake. Since counterfeits are getting so good that telling them apart becomes impossible, the biggest tip-off may be price. Selects seem to go for top dollar, so anything at a bargain probably isn’t.

Just because it is a fake does not mean it does not have THC in it or that it won’t give you any effects. It means the packaging is fake and the oil is not from the actual brand Select Elite. We try a lot of carts here, and we put Select Elite on our best cart lists for both California and Nevada. It is unlikely a random plug is going to make as good of oil as one of the best producers in the country.

Have you run into fake Select Elite carts?

And does the bubble test still seem to work for you? What other quality control tests have you identified?

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  1. The same way you had to worry about someone “lacing” your bud…ya gotta worry about counterfeit carts. I can smell, taste and see if it’s not quality. It helps to have a good close and honest relationship with your plug.

  2. I have gotten my first select elite carts in Salem Massachusetts this last fall , and they came in The select box with the red sticker on the bottom with the %s and name . And inside came the cart in a glass tube with a rolled up paper in another slot inside with all the added terps% typed . The box wasn’t a lock box kind either , it just had a flip up opening on top .
    I don’t know if that’s because it wasn’t medical / it was adult recreational in mass.
    2nd time getting select elite it was live resin carts in Florida from medical dispensary it was curaleaf.
    This time I got the lock box with the black button on the side . It was so hard to open I had to destroy the box . But the medical one did not come with a paper inside with all the terps and cbd cba and all the tons of information like the recreational one did .

    Yet both carts taste consistent , both say c cell on bottom and color of oil is identical .

    I’m new to carts I’m in my late 30s and grew up with just bud . So I’m still learning , not as schooled as these kids are on carts. .

    But I have been in the game forever and when when I’m getting beat .
    I don’t think either one of these dispensarys had fake elite carts , just different packaging .

    And I say that bc I noticed the “adult rec” and “medical” in massachusetts was all dispensed different like the packaging was made differently for adult use an different for medical. And Florida had such stricter rules
    it’s confusing lol .

    Side note : I did like the MUV dispensary in Fl 10mg 1:1 strawberry lemonade chews and also the curaleaf nano drops 5mg/ml

  3. In AZ I notice the select elite cartridges I get from the dispensary are coming with additional packaging. Specifically, the cartridge is in a child proof container inside the box. I gotta believe the dispensary is opening the box and doing something with the cartridge before selling it

    • Color of distillate is more of a deep gold, NOT the standard clear yellow select cartridges should be. Az dispensaries are not selling the real deal. New boxes have the button on the side, and you have to rip off the bottom of the box for access. Boxes aren’t sealed in AZ. Taste is noticeably different from the darker oils.

  4. I just realize that the dispensary I have been getting delivery from is it complete fraud, I was wondering how there was no differentiation stickers on the stiizy‘s I was buying that were 10 or 15 bucks less certain times of the month.
    So I’ve had trouble falling asleep lately because I think quality control is letting the sativa and Indica mix. My Indica‘s energetic lately and my sativa‘s have been more like Indica‘s on my SELECT brands in most Stizzy brands however the live RESIN cartridge I bought has me feeling actually good almost new kinds of high feelings feelings, it’s really worrying me that maybe I just got tricked into thinking I was shopping when really I was just eating whatever the fuck they wanted to feed me. I don’t know how to proceed honestly I shouldn’t even say anything on here but I’m just so frustrated and I just want to somehow get compensated I don’t necessarily wanna rock the boat and get this establishment takEN down but there’s a little part of me that does want to terret down and watch it burn for thinking that they can play with my we journal and ability to tell the difference. Rule number one never underestimate your customer especially if the customer is a stoner, he’ll inevitably be cheaper

  5. I received fake cartridges from a local dispensary and here are the differences that I have noticed:

    – There is no barcode on the top of the box
    – the word “cartridge” on the bottom is missing
    – the font is different from the authentic
    – the cartridge is not a ccell, authentic ccell batteries have the name and some other information on the cartridge bottom as well as a clear o ring. If the o ring is while or the writing on not on the bottom face of the cartridge then it is most likely a fake.
    – there is no ca warning sticker on the cartridge themselves.

    Hopefully you guys don’t get ripped off like I did!

  6. Why are you buying a bs product off of a site that sells low quality goods. You are ASKING to get popcorn lung or hives. The lawyer will tell you the same thing. You bought this stuff of your own accord. Take accountability and don’t make the same mistake again. Go to a dispensary or don’t smoke…

    • Crazy I found a dispensary in Maryland who sells Select Elite Select Essentials and Select Live Resins cheaper than I’ve seen anywhere.Regular price the Elites and Essentials are $25 for .5 and $20 on sale.The Live Resins are $40 and $30 on sale.I buy them weekly up to 20 at a time and they are all real and legit.In Maryland the only counterfeit cartridges we see come from California or atleast are in a California labeled box.But this dispensary has the best prices on everything and all same products as all dispensarys in MD.$15 1/8ths cheap concentrates and edibles and they deliver statewide.I just found this place it’s in our State capital its called Gold Leaf.Youre welcome Maryland cannibus patients

  7. Whatever dirt people sell these carts knowing it’ll seriously mess with the user and possibly kill them are rats like fr money really is the root of all evil

  8. Be really careful ppl. I recently got “hives” all over my body around the same time I bought a Select cart off of the Eaze app. Since I nocticed I’ve stopped smoking on the cart and suddenly the “ hives” are gone. Coinsidence? Think not. Might fuck around and chase the bag and get me a lawyer.

  9. Uh … you do understand California and Nevada have very different packaging requirements meaning they are gonna have different labels … right ?


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