1Match appears to be either completely fake, or a home-brew street brand. Information on this THC vape cartridge is extremely sketchy, and yet people keep asking about them online so we know they’re out there.

1Match carts are on the street big-time

It seems people are asking about them at least once a week.

Comments variously point out that 1Match carts are showing up in New York, North Carolina, New Jersey, so we’re guessing these float around in the east coast area. However, one of the festival shots below shows somebody with a bag with a California state flag graphic on it, so maybe they set up in California too, or that’s just a tourist.

1Match Concentrates appears to have no known seller or source

Try to actually find this “1Match” company and you’ll run out of leads really fast! Best we found is this Instagram account. Note also that there’s flyers for appearances by this 1Match outfit at various festivals.

festival flyer mentioning 1match

festival flyer mentioning 1match

They also post pictures of booths set up at festivals:

1Match festival booth

1Match festival booth

We see underground festivals selling bunk carts all the time

We’ve even seen whole pop-up tent stores selling multiple unregulated THC cartridge brands before. So we’re definitely in bogus cart territory here.

One dead giveaway of a street brand: inconsistent packaging

The 1Match “brand” seems to change packaging with the seasons.

1match packaging variant

1match packaging variant

1match packaging variant

1match packaging variant

1match packaging variant

1match packaging variant

That’s a total of eight different package versions. If there were a real company behind 1Match, they’d be demonstrating a lot of confusion about how their branding should look.

1Match packaging includes online links

1match packaging variant

Note this package has the Instagram channel we mention above printed on the box.

1match packaging variant

Now here’s a different site printed on another packaging variant. The site at “www.1match.us” is a dead domain currently. So much for that lead.

How can 1Match be “lab tested”?

One more aggravating detail: The back panel of the package in that last photo has some test visible on the left. The text claims their product is “guaranteed” and “lab tested.” Presumably all proof of that disappeared with the vanished domain.

Please, do not let black market brands fool you! Every single one of them now claims to be “lab tested” everywhere, and yet in the ongoing vaping lung damage crisis there are currently 2.2K people hospitalized and 47 dead. They all didn’t just slip on a banana peel.

Share your 1Match encounters, experiences, and stories…

In the comments below or in our forum.



  1. Of course they are real. They would not be in business year after year if they are fake! (Da😛).
    I just bought one. It is a more eloquent slim mechanism than pictures I saw.
    I just took 2 puffs and it tastes nice! I am stoned.

  2. I’ve gotten a vape that says LEMOND HAZA …
    Obviously lemon haze , that just sketchy and also the packaging albeit it is in a 2 piece hard plastic container, the actual packaging looks photo copied… I mean I’ve heard too many nightmare stories, my local vape shop gave it to me on the house… imma return it

  3. The best product for me right now are

    -1 match concentrate (New Version)
    – Viscous Vape. Premium clear.
    – California Honey (New Version)
    – Fifth Ave
    – Enjoy
    – Glo Carts
    – Rove Carts
    – TKO Carts

    I can get it for only
    $45 Bigg.
    $30 Small

    Im from Brooklyn NYC.

  4. Crazy shit.. I did all my research on this company and came up short my fucking deli on the corner ( I live in Brooklyn, NY ) has this shit under the counter. I asked store clerks son to let me see his disposable vape while laughing because I get UPTOWN oils from my dealer he brings them from Cali I’ve known him for roughly 11 years now but he’s on vacation so that’s why I eagerly asked him.. the store clerks son said “bro that’s CBD I got the real shit right here” we’ll pass it up son let me see!! he let me open the package and he opened a OOZE battery to connect to the cartridge ( Real smokers know what’s up this aside from actual Physical weed which I smoke too I just find it more convenient to have a pen ) I let it pre-heat in front of him as it blinked he said “ why is it doing that?” Of course I told him what I’m doing to the pen he clearly has no idea and I’m well aware of how to utilize this simple equipments when it comes to vaping carts and he let me try it for free in the back of his store. It tasted real, it looked real, it smelled real as the odor came out of the cart as I smoked it but I was fucking nervous I heard to many stories of people like me just trying to buy quality that won’t hurt us anymore than we signed up for I took like 12 hits ( more than a simple “try” ) I got high I felt it, but something in my soul is telling me to relax and don’t searching for this high as it will lead you down a wrong path putting unknown ingredients in our body. Look up those two brands I just mentioned they are legit with extensive customer review and solid company sites.. I got nervous smoking this shit while simultaneously researching the companies info and I hit a brick wall just like this journalist of this forum did, I’d like to say thank you to all who commented because you bring ease to my mind with your stories but we all know the truth, we buy shit and smoke it with no further questions or research of what we put in our body, I gave it back to him and appreciated the store clerks son generosity I just can’t smoke random carts that’s like picking up the left overs someone’s blunt or joint off the floor. No questioning just looking for a high we got to be carful if they show more information I’m opened to change my mind shit even k2 makes people lightheaded with that being said it’s incense even putting a computer dust off spray can get you lighted head or strong industrial adhesive.. do you see what I mean? Don’t chase a high anything can fake a feeling be aware of where you get it, who you get it from, their back story of where they got it from, and most importantly your individual research. My story happened last night this a fresh real comment no bull shit thank you to the forum creator I appreciate your time and knowledge

  5. I get mine from fordham in bx and i havent had a problem with any of his carts yet .. its safe too say he has a great amont of carts

  6. I found 1march disposables and I’ve been a smoker for about25 years. I buy one, they usually last like 10 days, not sure what everyone talks so much shit about them for. Maybe people just aren’t aware of what goes into EVERY illegal drugs creation. Some batches may suck but thats the case with every other drug as well so perhaps we should be nicer. Thank you match1 !

  7. Ive been smoking match for about 4 years now and i havent gotten sick yet. I even have asthma and i have not gotten any lung problems, so i think i would notice before anyone if its fake. I always get stoned after 4 or 5 pulls.

  8. I just got this 1Match crumble. It’s supposed to be 1G of jack herer. I’m going to give it a go and see what’s up but sounds like the carts are hit or miss. It’s common to see fake carts for popular street company’s so everyone pls try to be careful of what you’re buying.

  9. it’s really just distillate for the most part, that these underground guys buy in bulk. K2 would be kind of a waste of money to put in carts, as the average K2 user won’t say, “yeah, I need my addiction to be more expensive.” And if you really think there is guys out there who just want to f**k on a bunch of people by taking the time to do this.. maybe. But what’s more likely? Dirty distillate, or K2 Spice? It goes to show who has really tried spice, and who hasn’t. Stick to flower people, that’s my advice. And if you can’t for whatever reason.. then you probably shouldn’t be smoking weed.

  10. I bought it in Brooklyn Smaller $30 Bigger $50 i haven’t got no problem with that. I being using match oil for almost 2 years, is the oil isn’t good they changer for another or you get your money back

  11. they have lab results on the insta page. I’ve smoked k2 and 1match feels nothing like k2. To the investigator do you have an email I can email you at to get more info, I would like to see where you have documents saying it’s spice/k2 as I wouldn’t touch these again as I had a very bad experience with k2. Thanks

    • Same here. It’s on Jerome actually the Candy & Lotto store right next to the 183 st train station. I’ve never had an issue with the carts. The oil is a light yellow clear color. Looks and taste like premium oil. And now they got new disposables with a higher thc percentage. I’m smoking a sour jack one right now it’s fuckin awesome. So I really don’t know but I feel like they got legit ones.

  12. James Alderman please email me I would like to talk with you about your information. But prefer to talk in private. Definitely worth your time.

  13. I passed out 3 times in 5 minutes last Friday after heavily smoking a White Rhino 1match cart. Spent 3 nights in the hospital. Literally just got discharged.

  14. I’ve never had issues with match. Smoked good vapes too. Brass Knuckle, kingpen, uptown, skeezy(the best) I can go on and on. If u say there is spice in there I’d like proof? Spice will make u do crazy shit. Not one person has mentioned it. Someone said they’re tired after could be indica dominant. Not saying they are official but the ones I get are legit.

  15. oh no i just bought one in washingtong heights, then i got stoned and started to think that maybe these were regular weed.i always feel so drowsy and fall right to sleep on them and never have fun.
    now i know why? whats k2
    am i gonna die?

  16. I’m glad I found this site man its really eye opening. Yeah, I’m done with these shady az vapes, there’s no need anyway, there’s plenty of shops open just in time for the lockdown.
    I will say that after thinking about it, I do remember having the old propane haze a few times with 1 Match, some really nasty hangovers, which you never get from clean carts, so watch out folks.

      • I have a feeling it was the butane because I’ve had some laced chronic that gave me heart palps and it feels like crap. This was just mild haze and headache, I’ve had it from other bunk carts as well, I’m glad its legal now.

  17. Hi how are you, I want to tell you that your cannabis oil product is the best, you lived in NYC and I want to buy in bulk, could you help me tell me how to do it

    • AYO wats good.Im very Also Interested.I purchased (MANGO KUSH)& It taste like Normal Vape Type Smoke.& The Sent of Some Type of KUSH SMELLING BUD.But it gave me a NATURAL EXOTIC BUD FEELING.BUT IM INTERESTED IN MORE 0.5G PCO…IM LOCATED IN Nyc-BRONX.CAN YOU GIVE ME A LOCATION TO GET IT FROM.

  18. I’ve been buying them for like a year. No problem at all, I just got King Louis x111 now, and I’m high as hell. Dont know what yall brought, but the ones I brought are official.

  19. The proof that wellgreens cbd is also owned by them.. is if you look up akram alawdi fackbook you will see the wellgreenscbd products and logo is in the background and its the same person from the 1 match photo on instagram…other proof is if you go to 1match instagram and see the side were followers post wellgreens posted a picture there..and one of the first pages to follow wellgreenscbd was 1match….other proof just google his name and it will show up as owner of wellgreens and smokezone…all other proof i have audio and video recording give me your email and i will email them to you….i am not tech savy otherwise i would have made a website and posted all the video recording and audio recording…also im not lawenforcment i cant make arrest ..as im only a private invistegator hired by civilians…i can only provide info.

  20. Pete…they also own wellgreens cbd and a smoke shop named smoke zone….ive also found out they own part of kr8zy glue extract…i have audio and video recordings of them braging about how people are dumb to think this is a natrual high when it contains k2 spice

    • Why hello! Glad to see we’re not alone in our efforts to uncover the truth. Any questions you have, we’ll try to answer or tell you why we don’t know yet.

  21. Yes they sell them at a convenient store I bought one once and the guy called another guy out of a back room and pulled the cart out of a backpack and handed it to me it’s really sketchy the packaging always changes I’m concerned about the the potential spice that’s in them and I would also like to know how James know so much about the subject

  22. This is owned by akram alawdi and dhaker hassan…there both from bakersfield ca..they also sell spice and liquid spice ..there mixing the liquid spice into the match 1 cartridge thats why people say its strong they dont know what there smoking….so a while back akram alawdi got busted making these in a machanic shop..you can go look at the criminal case ….just go to kern county court and type akram alwdi and it will show up…so after this happened his partner dhaker hassan went to nyc they manufactor them there too in a basment in brooklyn and ditierbute it to all the arab stores in nyc nj nc…you can see akram alwadi in one of the pictures you have of them from instagram…i went to there instagram and warned people about what they do so they blocked me

    • James –
      I am a lawyer and my client has a case against Akram Alawdi and Dhaker Hassan. She used 1Match and was hospitalized with a lung injury. It sounds like you may have information that could be helpful to my client’s case. If so, I would really appreciate it if you could email me at sribera@riberalaw.com.

  23. Some in NC at a smoke shop. Guy was pretty sketchy about it but I used my credit card to pay in the store…. tastes kinda strange makes my nose tickle but I’m to sketched out to even smoke it enough to see if it gets me high. Hope you guys can find something on this 1match bs.

  24. Yeah I also noticed that 1Match doesn’t have their site or web page on anymore you used to be able to see and read about the different kinds of strains and types and on the original packaging it used to state that it was THC OIL. Because I have some old boxes and some of the new ones because the corner store sells the vape pens and cartridges.

  25. They have these at a corner store in Syracuse NY where I might add carts are not legal but then again neither are loosies and they sell th too. Lol. But yea, people line up for them claiming they’re great but I’m skeptical. I’ve gotten some already and the first time seemed to leak or go way to fast. Also they don’t even offer what kind you want it’s just the luck of the draw.

    • I know exactly what store your talking about they sell every kind of cart you can think of, anywhere to fake rove to fake brass knuckles

    • I got them from that store too, for a while. Had good luck with some, others killed my lungs. That store is dirty and sketchy.. I stopped getting those a few months back. Lots with bubbles, others with lip prints on the tip of the cart. I’ve since switched to 3chi.com. They use delta8 thc which is legal (delta9 is not) Delta8 is anxiety free. 3chi is legit and well worth it. I suggest everyone give them a try. Ships right to your door within a week…tinctures and edibles available too. High-ly recommended!

      • We’re going to give them a try and thanks for commenting! Unfortunately, we did find out 3chi does not ship to some states, but our IL reviewer will check it out.


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