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What’s up hash heads?! It’s Bob, I got another review for you all. Some Eagle Extracts BHO, by Claybourne CoA native Southern California brand – their focus is on flower (8ths, half’s, ounces), prerolls (infused/non), and BHO extracts (sugar, badder, and diamonds). 

Check out our video review of the Claybourne Co. Eagle Extracts here.


  • Very affordable at $35/g pre-tax.
  • Easy open packaging.
  • Clear descriptive labels. 


  • CRC used in badder (maybe sugar as well) resulted in a lot of throat/lung irritation.
  • Not overly flavorful, especially the badder.

Recommendations: Effects could be stronger and overall I think the product could be smoother.

No lames, only flame

For this review in particular I’ll be focusing on their badder and sugar. Extracted using hydrocarbons from their indoor grown in-house genetics. Their slogan is “No lames, only flame”. Today we will be putting that to the test. 


Normally I would run the concentrate through my temperature gauntlet, but found myself coughing just too much to give it the same kind of attention to detail. I had to do more than 10 takes to get the video review done due to coughing fits. So I figured in the interest of my lungs, I’d just do an overall review.

ice cream paint

Ice Cream Paint Job

First up, their Ice Cream Paint Job. This concentrate has a rich yellow-orange color to it. The consistency is a semi-dry sugar, made of up what appears to be tiny micro diamonds and a terpene sauce coating. It has a subtly sweet, vanilla, yet gassy nose to it. Not unlike a can of paint. 

The strain Ice Cream Paint Job is an Indica-dominant cross of Tricopath #16 x London Pound Cake #75 x Kushmints #11. This trifecta is what gives it that deliciously sweet, creamy, vanilla, and gassy notes. 

The flavor is a subtle cake, with sweet vanilla undertones and a sour gas finish.

ice cream paint close up

Effects are mild

Effects are a mild body-leaning high that starts in the limbs and works its way inward. A subtle euphoria came on shortly after, but nothing very strong or uplifting. I found myself relaxed enough mentally and physically to go about my day carefree, yet functional, but also not very medicated either…

Being a BHO extracted product it wasn’t as smooth as I’d like it to be, but that’s just how it goes. Very few hydrocarbon extracts are as smooth as I’d like. I have very high standards, pun not intended. However, I found it to be quite terpy, albeit a bit on the drier side of things. The flavor is nice, if a bit spicy on the finish and throat. 

tropic fury box

Tropic Fury Badder

The Tropic Fury Badder is a pale off-white yellow color, indicating some remediation was done. This in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, but it can be an indicator of the overall quality of the starting material. A general rule of thumb is you don’t need to remediate a good product. Fire in fire out. You can also tell by the taste and smell too. CRC (Color Remediation Columns) can strip out terpenes leaving behind what is described as a distinct pine/lemon smell. 

This particular badder had a slightly sweet fruity citrus smell and flavor to it and wasn’t overly terpy.

The tell-tale sign of CRC for me however was the flavor and the effects it has on my throat and lungs. While smoother than a lot of BHO I’ve dabbed, I still found myself coughing badly after repeated dabs. This was accompanied by a sensation of tightness and pressure in my lungs. Irritation in my throat, and even a bit of wheezing. CRC media isn’t required to be tested and there really aren’t any good testing methods in place to check the media itself or concentrate on it either. 

Effects were very mild on the badder. Slight head change, little body but not much else. It felt very flat and muted to me.

tropic fury close up

Concluding the review

Overall, I preferred the sugar a lot more than the badder – likely due to how it was handled during extraction. But my experience was typical with these kinds of BHO products. Rarely do I find a product that’s been CRC’d that agrees with my lungs. I found the quality of the extracts lacking. I’ve had BHO by other brands that were very terpy and had a strong effect while not irritating my throat and lungs. This was not that. I’d recommend these solely to those on a budget, with a low tolerance. Also, those that aren’t irritated by possible CRC use during the extraction process. Otherwise, I’d say give these a pass. There are better fish in the sea. 

You can find out more about Claybourne products here.

Have you tried these Claybourne Co. extracts? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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