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Number of puffs

Chil vape cartridges are filled with premium cannabis oil distillate. The brand is based in California, and their goal is to chill with us. Chil’s carts and batteries are manufactured by Claremont Capital Partners and distributed by Yerba Buena Logistics. Their products are available around California.


  • Superb Oil Quality
  • Excellent flavor
  • Intense high
  • Amazing battery life
  • Huge clouds every hit
  • Super smooth vape


  • The starter kit is not cheap

Recommendations: I think the price would be better if they had .5 gram starter kits available. Although this may seem unnecessary, a consumer with options is a happy consumer. Because people make decisions between products based on price. A lower price increases accessibility.

Licensing Information: Claremont Capital Partners, LLC CDPH-10002823 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County

Chil vape cartridge and battery
Not too big, but not the smallest

For this review, I tested a Chil starter kit. Which came with a 1 gram cartridge of Purple Punch an indica strain.

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Chil vape cartridges are amazing overall

They use improved CCELL hardware for their cartridges and they’re large compared to previous models. The mouthpiece is solid glass, reinforced with a steel collar where it meets the tank. The collar has the Chil Crown symbol around it.

The tank is also glass and attached to a very nice steel base. The pin that screws into the battery has four air holes around the outside. However, despite all the steel, the cart doesn’t weigh very much. Overall, it feels very strong and sturdy. Everything about the Chil vape cartridge feels and looks right.

The cartridge is premium quality with a state of the art design

Although the brand claims it’s necessary for a smooth vape the size of the cartridge seems unnecessary. However, after my first puff, I could feel it’s necessary. My Chil vape cartridge hits super smooth and takes no time heating up before a puff. Chil uses painstakingly designed vape cartridges, and they easily burn thicker concentrates. They use ceramic wicks which keep the oil vaping cool and preserves all the flavor of their distillate.

Chil’s battery is great and it works perfectly with their cartridges

They’ve taken great care to design the perfect battery for their cartridges. The battery has four slits along the top, where you screw in the tank. These four slits work in tandem with the four holes on the cartridge. Which creates great airflow that keeps the cart hitting smooth and cool. The Chil battery has a simple steel body that looks sleek and sturdy. Although the battery has a 510 thread, this particular design works best with their improved CCELL cartridges.

The battery’s adjustable output feature sets a new standard for adjustable batteries

My Chil battery came with a handy notebook on how to use it to its full potential. It works similar to other adjustable batteries, but Chil’s is really neat. It has an adjustment mode, which allows you to set the output level. It’s really easy to get used to, but it can also be easy to forget.

Here’s how to enter the ‘adjust mode’ of your Chil battery

  • Pressing the button 3 times will activate Chil battery’s output adjustment feature
  • While the feature is active, 1 of the 3 indicator lights on the battery will start flashing. (Fig. 1) The flashing light indicates the current output level.
  • Pressing the button while your battery is in ‘adjust mode’ increases the output level. You should notice the flashing light is now up one level (Fig. 2)
  • Hold the button down for 2 seconds to exit the output adjustment feature
Light Indicator for changing output levels
(Fig. 1)
light indicating output level.


Indicator light for Output adjustment
(Fig. 2)
Power output indicator

Each of the 3 lights represents a different output level. The top most light has the highest output, and the bottom-most light has the lowest output.

I recommend the lowest output if you want a stronger flavor. The higher settings don’t taste burnt, but some of the flavors is lost and it just tastes hot.

Closeup of Chil vape cartridge
Beautiful cart

Chil vape cartridges have superb distillate quality

The oil is crystal clear with a fairly thick consistency. It has a deep orangish-yellow color that reminds me of honey. Though the distillate is much lighter than honey. I can smell the oil through the mouthpiece and it smells delicious.  My Chil vape cartridge smells like grape jelly. However, it does have a sort of artificial flavor. Like a grape candy instead of actual grapes.

The high is spectacular and intense

The high takes effect right after I take my 2nd puff. It peaks very quickly and Purple Punch has a heavy high. The high isn’t cerebral but it does calm me down. It relaxes my body and is perfect for shutting off your brain and watching something. However, this particular Chil vape cartridge is not good if you want to focus. It’s hard to focus my thoughts on work when I vape this. So I use it on weekends if I’m not working. It’s perfect for creating art.

The flavor of the cart is very interesting and delicious

The purple punch strain I tried has a curious flavor. At first, it tastes like flower with a mild musty undertone. However, on the exhale it tastes like grape jelly or a purple jolly rancher. The flavor profile is a lot like Papa’s Herb. Although, It tastes slightly bitter when I smoke it constantly. The flavor goes away quickly so it’s not a problem like some other carts. As always, there’s a slight sour tinge to the flavor and smell.

Chil vape cartridge and battery side by side
Light and sturdy steel battery

One of the smoothest burning carts I’ve ever experienced

The Chil battery heats the distillate very quickly. However, it doesn’t ever taste burnt. The fast heating makes huge, thick clouds. Even on the lowest setting, the distillate heats up very quickly. However, the Chil battery stays very cool, even though I vape heavily. I don’t know if the steel body helps with keeping it cool, but the vape is never harsh. The big hits leave some smoke in my lungs after I exhale. That causes me to cough, but the vape itself isn’t harsh.

Concluding this Chil vape cartridge and battery review

Overall Chil seems to have exceptional products. The battery is great and hits best with their CCELL cartridges. It works for other 510 carts, but they don’t have the same airflow as the Chil vape cartridges. Altogether the starter kit was a great buy.

I didn’t expect the battery to be as great as it is, but I was pleasantly surprised. The cart lasts a long time and it hits hard with only a couple 3 second pulls. The distillate is superb, the battery and cart are technical powerhouses. I will definitely try another strain in the future

You can learn more about the brand and their products by visiting their website

and you can find out if they’re available near you here

Have you tried any Chil vape cartridges or other products? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forums!


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