Here we do a review of the Save My Oil cartridge system. When you have a cartridge that not operational or even partially broken you can turn it upside down and connect with this thing and another cartridge. You will get an easy way to save the oil in your cartridge.

save my oil

The Save My Oil setup actually works

It seems really simple and it is. The way the oil falls out actually makes it land on the other side of the cartridge.It works similar to other thrifty consumer gizmos that let you transfer shampoo between bottles.

Of course, you can’t save every single drop and there is some oil that’s lost in the internal areas. I don’t recommend heating the oil too much with a lighter and letting it drop through. By doing this I think some of the oil I had to go through all the way down went through closer to the core than just sitting inside the cartridge body.

save my oil box

Here is how you use the Save My Oil setup

  1. Set up a new empty cart
  2. You can use a toothpick for and easier connection between the new cart and the broken cart
  3. Put the broken cartridge on top and wait for the oil to pour down into the new cart

save my oil set up

Concluding our review the Save My Oil kit

Overall this thing really works. I would probably get the two-pack and split the cost with a friend. Eventually, you will get around to breaking up a cart, like when I dropped my Kanji Vape into a sink.

You can find the Save My Oil kit here. What are your thoughts on this interesting setup? What other thrifty systems do you find out there for saving vape cart or pen oil? Post a comment below or post in our forum!



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