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Today in our 3-parter review of Boundless Technology (aromatherapy devices) vapes, we will learn about the Boundless Vexil, a swanky little unit which is packed with value for the price. I’ll cut to the chase right now: This is my new favorite vaporizer.

Check out our video review of the Boundless Vexil here.


  • Deeeeeeeep hits!
  • Beautiful airflow!
  • Easy operation
  • Clear documentation
  • Handsome
  • Holds a generous 0.5 grams
  • Solid battery performance
  • Good accessibility


  • Not a thing

Suggestions: Make these widely available throughout the galaxy.


The Boundless Vexil Offers Great Performance in a Dry Herb Vape

Others may have differing preferences, but for this reviewer, the Boundless Vexil feels like it got everything just right. Its palm-friendly design means you can set it down without it rolling away. It has solid weight in your hand without being too heavy. The LED display is an attractive design graphic that might be depicting leaves or flames, both motifs applicable.

The mouthpiece is the best mouthpiece I’ve encountered. Its wide, mouth-shaped design and generous airflow ensures a perfect and effortless hit every time. It has four temperature settings covering every reasonable temperature for vaping dry herb. The buttons are big and clearly laid out. Everything about it is easy to operate.


From Unboxing to First Hit…

Use the USB charger to charge the unit up. When you plug it in, it will shine red when it’s not fully charged and then green when it’s up to full power.

For first time use, the instructions recommend that you turn the unit on and leave it run for a few seconds with the cap off to purify it from the manufacturing / shipping process. It is also recommended to let the unit cool down between sessions.

With that process out of the way, pull off the magnetic mouthpiece and load the chamber with ~0.5 grams your favorite ground herb. Five presses of the power button turns it on / off. Adjust the temperature buttons up or down to one of four preset temperatures. Wait for the buzz and steady LED light to indicate that the unit has arrived at the desired temperature.

The Boundless Vexil Hits the Best!

For those of you veterans with big lungs who can blaze a blunt in one hit, this is your lucky day. Inhale as hard and as long as you like with the Boundless Vexil, and it will produce the thickest, tastiest, and most satisfying hits you have likely ever experienced. “Robust” is the word that comes to mind, to describe a Vexil vaping session.

After hitting a Vexil, other dry herb vapes feel like you’re trying to suck a milkshake through a straw. The herb vapes evenly, smoothly, and completely. The mouthpiece has a cooling mechanism, which Boundless says is their unique “Zirconia Spiral Cooling” technology. Whatever, the unit toasts herb to savory perfection while hits are smooth and easy.

Recently, the industry trend in dry herb vapes is to make them smaller, sleeker, and more like an oilpen in form factor. By comparison, the Boundless Vexil feels like the lap of luxury. Your favorite herb will taste just that much better in a Vexil.


Easy Operation for “Clutzes”

Between the larger-than-average buttons, bright and colorful LED, and perfect palm size, the Boundless Vexil requires less fiddling around with remembering button combos. The temperature control is a simple up and down, and the power button has the standard 5-tap on/off function. Left to sit, the unit will vibrate and auto-shutoff.

In the above-linked video, I do try out the “steal mode” feature, which dims the LED for more discreet vaping. However, I was doing it wrong; you hold down all three buttons for 3 seconds to turn the light off but leave the unit operating. There is also a “sleep mode” entered by holding just the power button.

The preset temperatures are:

  • green: 377°F
  • pink: 399°F
  • blue: 413°F
  • red: 437°F

The LED also blinks when you set a new temperature, eventually going steady along with the standard vibration of haptic feedback when it reaches the selected temperature. In addition, the LED also indicates the charge, slowly going shorter as the power wears down. With that said, one charge has been good enough for at least 4-5 sessions.


The Boundless Vexil is a Tiny Bit Pricier, But Worth Every Penny

So far, the median vape device for dry herb that we’ve seen runs about the $90-$100 mark. At just a bit over that, the Vexil currently sells for $119.99, which is still far from the most expensive vape, as they can run up to ~$400. So the price is still well within reason.

Is This Your Favorite Vape Too?

The Boundless Vexil is one of those products that feels like they carefully studied the pitfalls of previous models on the market and worked to overcome every one. It looks awesome, works awesome, and hits awesome. It does everything I ask of a dry herb vape and does an awesome job of it.

Readers, share your experience with the Vexil, other Boundless products, or dry herb vaping in general here in the comments or on our chill forum.


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