Cannavative is a Nevada based cannabis company. They involve in cultivation and production of cannabis extracts. They believe in the “soil to oil” high quality maintenance of cannabis and practiced this from the start. From the staff in the primary level care to the ones involved in extracts production. As a result, they have become experts in the craft from years of experience. Their products include a wide range of edibles, extracts and flowers.

Cannavative Group Growing Strong Since 2015

The Cannavative Group started in Reno, Nevada. Their CEO – Ross Kline is all hands on with operations. The company started in December 2015 and has now strongly continued with the help of their dedicated staff. They are recognized as one of the best cannabis companies in Nevada. They also previously partnered with PharmPods. Together, they’ve grown the best quality nugs. In October 2018, they partnered with SOL Cannabis to help improve their cultivation needs. Their products are available through licensed dispensaries found throughout Nevada.

Cannavative Has Wide Range of High Quality Products

cannavative cannabis nevada
The wide range of cannabis products Cannavative offers.

Cannavative offers a wide range of cannabis products. In particular, their edibles include capsules and gummies. Their extracts include vape cartridges, honeycomb, shatter, terp sauce and tincture. Then they have flowers that are also available in pre rolls. For instance, DabConnection had the chance of trying out their shatter. Bert named Cannavative’s as one of the best shatters he has ever tried. It gave strong and pleasant effects. Please see here for the complete review.

cannavative cannabis nevada
Capsules and Gummiez
cannavative cannabis nevada
Terp Sauce – Honey Comb – Shatter – Cartridge
cannavative cannabis nevada
Cannavative Flowers

Cannavative is Pro Legalization and Marijuana Awareness

Aside from producing high quality cannabis, Cannavative supports cannabis legalization as well as marijuana awareness. The young cannabis industry continues to evolve. Also, included are growing pains with black marketers. On the black market products are typically not tested clean, putting consumer safety on the back end.

Therefore the best way to achieve cannabis benefits is through regulation in contrast with prohibition. With this in mind, operating within industry regulations is a must. A few bad actors and everyone will suffer. Hence, we need great cannabis companies like Cannavative to lead the charge.

You can learn more about Cannavative on their website.

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