AiroClen420 is a NASA-developed and industry-proven air sanitation technology that has been a significant Preventive Control in helping the Food & Beverage Industries protect their perishable products from costly and harmful contamination. Growers of cannabis now can use this technology.
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The only technology on the market to sanitize the air in grow rooms

With over a thousand units installed in North America and with more growers expanding their production rooms, AiroClean420 has proven to be an effective way to clean contaminated air
Healthy Cannabis Plant
                                                                                                                Cannabis Plant Protected by AiroClean420
There are no Ozone Emissions emitted to the air. Hence, your cannabis plants come out cleaner since there are almost no contaminants in the air or on the plants themselves.

AiroClean420 processes contaminated air through a patented bio-conversion reactor

It destroys fungal diseases inside the system and organic material such as Powdery Mildew, Gray Mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and VOC’s are mineralized leaving the exit air 99.999987% contaminant free.
Contaminants pass through the system and comes out as clean air
It also promotes maximum yield, ensures quality products and no emissions like – OZONE or Toxic Gases/Chemicals.

How AiroClean420 Works

Contaminated or potentially harmful air enters through the system drawn in by a fan and gets pushed into a reactor bed. Contaminants at that point are then immobilized onto Photocatalyst Surfaces (as well as other interior surfaces) and then exposed to surface-bound radicals and UVGI.
 Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) Process
This Photocatalytic chamber is not a filtration system, but a self-cleaning non-depleting TiO2 catalyst. Instead of being released as harmful gas, they are transformed into harmless green carbon dioxide and water vapor. Therefore, the result is clean air distributed throughout your facility.

Difference between AiroClean420 and other air cleaners

There are two distinct features that separate AiroClean420 from its competitors.

  • It is not a filtering system. The technology is based on the immediate destruction of airborne contaminates – not trapping or collecting them in a filter.
                                                                                                 Pathogens drawn in by a fan and are destroyed then released as clean air


  • Many other air cleaners produce some type of Ozone, Activated Oxygen, etc that is emitted into the air, though many are disguised as ionizers or other terms. AiroClean420 does not produce any Ozone and it completely destroys the pathogens that pass through the Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) chamber.

AiroClean420 is energy efficient and can easily be installed

airoclean420 installation
Installation of AiroCLean420 in a grow room
AiroClean420 was designed to be efficient, requiring less than 2 amps and consuming less energy that (2) 100-watt light bulbs. The system should be suspended from the ceiling (same level as your lights) equal distance and in the center of the room.
AiroClean 420 Replacement Lamp
When it comes to maintenance, the only thing required is an annual replacement of the proprietary UV lamp. Since AiroClean420 is not a filtering system, there are no filter media that will need replacement. The same goes with the catalyst, since the catalyst is non-depleting and self-cleaning in the photocatalytic reaction, the catalyst will last for the life of the air sanitizer. The catalyst material causes the reaction but is not chemically oxidized.

AiroClean420 is safe

This is listed as an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Class II Medical Device as well as being CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) approved. AiroClean420 is completely user-friendly and environmentally safe.

AiroClean420 Features

  • Technology developed by NASA, and engineered for a wide array of applications across close to all industries.
  • Utilizes a Photocatalytic Reactor and kills airborne fungal disease
  • A green technology that’s certified to produce no ozone.
  • Oxidizes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), removing harmful gasses and unwanted organic odors
  • Completely safe technology, listed and certified as an FDA Medical Device
  • Energy-efficient and low operational cost
  • Easy to install and can operate 24/7 in almost any environment.

AiroClean 420 Benefits

  • Infestation Prevention
  • Preventive Controlsairoclean420 statement
  • Integrates Easily into your current facility
  • A safe alternative to pesticides
  • NO by-products, and NO ozone
  • Energy efficient – less than 2 amps
  • Cross Contamination Prevention
  • Shrink Reduction
  • Removes Unpleasant Odors
  • Maintains Integrity of Product
  • Quality assurance safeguard
  • Risk Management Enhancement
  • Traceability Security
  • Sustainability Insurance

Unit Specifications

  • Power Cord Length (Custom Lengths Available): 6ft
  • Power (Pre-Set / Non-Switchable): 120 Volt / 220 Volt
  • Recommended Available: 2 Amps / 1 Amps
  • Power Consumption in Watts: 180 Watts
  • Unit Dimensions: 7.5” x 18.75” x 5.5” / .699 M x .476 M x .140 M
  • Unit Dimensions With Shipping Box: 32.5” x 24.75” x 8.5” / .826 M x .629 M x .216 M
  • Unit Weight: 31 LBS / 14.061 KG
  • Shipping Weight (Excluding Pallet Weight If Used: 36 LBS / 16.33 KG
  • Warranty: 3 Years

 For more info on AiroClean420…

Check out their website or their Instagram account to find out more about their product.


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