We’re here again to gobble some gummies, this time from BiowellnessX, out of my ol’ stompin’ ground of LA, California. We’ll be trying out drops and gummies in delta-9, delta-10, and HHC form.

A couple thoughts on BiowellnessX : (1) they live up to the standard you expect from California, and (2) they’re one of the companies invested in producing alternative cannabinoids. I have called for this kind of approach in rants past, because we need high-standard providers who can isolate a cannabinoid or isomer, and also investigate what all these cannabinoids do in combinations.


  • Potent!
  • Good quality control in isolating isomers
  • Tasty
  • Come in convenience daily dose packets
  • Clearly labeled and informative packaging


  • What can we even say about gummies anymore?

Recommendations: None



BiowellnessX wins at packaging

That might sound like an odd note to lead the review, but recently packaging has been a pet peeve of mine. The cannabis community is still almost half medical and therapeutic users. Yet, lately, I have been encountering packaging that is increasingly vague about the details of the product. What is the dosage? Is it full spectrum or isolated? Are the terpenes hemp-derived or botanical?

So BiowellnessX impresses me with the meticulous labeling, which is also tastefully executed. It tells you when you’re getting 55MG of delta 10, and by golly delivers just that.

They also offer “on the go” packs of one or two gummies or drops. This is for the therapeutic and medical user, so you can just pop a pack into your lunchbox / purse / backpack / briefcase… or whatever you carry to work.


Potency lives up to packaging

Our company contact informed me that BiowellnessX takes special care to isolate delta 10 and keep it separate, so the delta 10 gummies are as pure as possible. In practice, many manufacturers out there have a mixture of D-8/9/10, and you end up getting a spectrum effect rather than the isolate. The delta 10 indeed felt like every milligram was delta 10, without any other isomers butting in.

So: in the past I’ve mentioned that delta 9 THC is the classic cannabinoid that gets you stoned. Delta 8, of which you hear no end on this site, is like D9THC at exactly half-throttle. You get half as high but also half the brain fog, half the couch lock, etc. Which brings us to delta 10, and now that I’ve had a good chunky dose of it, I can rank D10 in the 3/4ths range between D8 and D9THC classic.

And then we come to the Higgs Boson of cannabinoids: HHC

We’re sorry if it sounds like we redefine HHC every time we talk about it, but nature threw us a real curve ball with this cannabinoid. In our most recent restating of HHC theory, it turns out that some people might process HHC differently in edible vs. vape/dab form. This has been the case with me. Two different brands of HHC gave me only mild effects at high doses, but an oilpen sent me to Mars. Then I checked out an HHC vape cartridge and HHC BHO wax, and both those likewise had strong effects.

So, what do I think of HHC effects now? BiowellnessX’s edibles do indeed have a noticeable effect. Slightly stronger than edible HHC effects that I have experienced before. But again, it has a distinctly non-weed effect for me. This is weird, because a vaped HHC cart turns me into a foggy-headed, couch-locked slug, which edible HHC still hits me as the perfect “do your taxes without any mistakes” drug.

Just bear in mind all the variables going on here. Individuals may just vary regarding HHC, the same way cilantro has a different taste depending on your genes. But the weird part is that I have had no difference between edible vs. smoking-vaping-dabbing with any of the other isomers or cannabinoids so far. Only with HHC. Maybe there’s a difference with processing? There are also 2 known variants of HHC, a “9R,” and “9S.” So… maybe that explains its extreme variability?

We will continue to investigate HHC, and hope that the rest of the cannabinoids aren’t such jokers to pin down. As for BiowellnessX, so far they have my thumbs-up for HHC edibles, for being potent enough that I actually felt something pronounced this time.


BiowellnessX has a winning line-up so far!

Links to BiowellnessX D9 THC gummies, Delta 10 drops, and HHC gummies. The D10 and HHC edibles are at a dosage of ~50MG (or 55MG on the pack) while the D9s are 25MG. These are definitely the edibles to go with if you seek the higher end of potency, without having to eat half a jar of weaker gummies. All of them are priced roughly in the range of $4-5/gummy, or ~$45/jar of 10, etc.

Readers, get in your peanut-gallery 2-cents here in the comments or in our forums.



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