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The Atman Mini Hummer is a personal sized electric grinder. It grinds your bud without twisting your wrist by using an electronic motor. It is battery powered and charges via USB. This electric grinder turned out to be pretty efficient and easy to use. The Atman Mini Hummer is not an herb storage device like the Pen Simple. The sole purpose of it is to grind your weed.

Atman Mini Hummer review
Atman Mini Hummer is smaller than most e grinders. It is not a vaporizer or vape pen, not sure why it says that.

Components of the Atman Mini Hummer

The Mini Hummer has three main sections:

  1. The battery and button portion on top that holds the battery which powers it.
  2. The center portion is the other half of the grinder.
  3. The bottom portion is a kief catcher.
atman mini hummer bottom
The kief catcher bottom on the Mini Hummer is easily removable.

Personally I do not like or use kief catchers. I prefer to smoke my kief right then and there in the existing bud. You can easily unscrew the kief catcher off, which is how I use it. Take off the bottom kief catcher and grind your bud right onto your rolling tray. That gets you straight to the action, kief and all.

Atman Mini Hummer Operation: Very Easy

Operating the Mini Hummer is simple. You unscrew the bottom grinder portion, add bud, and screw it back together. Press the button five (5) times to power it on. Then press and hold the button for about a second and it starts grinding. Keep your fingers away from the moving mechanism.

If you are not using the kief catcher like a true weed snob, then you will see the bud come out of the grinder as it turns. When using the kief catcher, let it grind for about 20 seconds before taking it off. I grind enough to makeĀ  at least two small joints (about .35 of a gram) when I use it. When I put too little in there it does not grind as well.

Grinding Efficiency: Most Of It Comes Out Well

The bud that I grinded with the Atman Mini Hummer came out mostly small enough to roll up right away. One key here is letting the grinder do its thing. Of course there are always a few little pieces that can be grinded more at the end, but if you let the grinder do its thing and don’t try to rush it out, it grinds much better than rushing it. See the video below to see how efficient it is.

The teeth of the grinder could be just a tad bit closer, but I could say that for just about any grinder. Overall the grinder part of the mechanism is decent on Mini Hummer.

atman mini hummer stuck weed
Not that much weed gets stuck which is good.

In conclusion, the Atman Mini Hummer is a good quality electric grinder. The teeth distance could be slightly finer, but I could say that for almost all grinders. It works well and does the job. Load up at least about .35 of a gram when you use it. I will be using this long term and updating the review as we go. You can purchase the Atman Mini Hummer here.



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