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Today, I will review the Yocan Verve 450mAh Variable Voltage 510 Thread Incognito Cartridge Vaporizer Battery I have been using for about a month. The battery is very different from any other one I have seen before due to its unique, discrete, and sleek design. The cart is placed inside the battery and is ‘hidden.’ 


  • Discreet Design
  • Aluminum Body
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Draw-Activated Vaporizer


  • Hit is not always consistent
  • It is a little confusing to learn until you use it a lot
  • Charge is mediocre

Recommendations: Some improvements to the hardware would be great

yocan verve units

Draw activated with voltage settings

There are several voltage settings, and it is very smooth due to being draw-activated and having a magnetic connection that attaches it to the bottom, with the top going over the cart to house it. At first it is confusing because sometimes the draw is fast, and sometimes it takes a few draws, and it seems too much because you are drawing so hard, but after practicing and learning the instructions, it makes a lot more sense. You can change the voltage by inhaling it three times, and a two-time draw activates the preheat. Since it is draw-activated, it does not have a button to press, making it sleek and easy to draw from. 

yocan verve open

It can fit carts up to 2g

I like that it is compatible with a 510-thread cartridge that fits a cart of up to 2 grams. The draw is very smooth and gives a lot of smoke. It holds a pretty good charge but could be longer and charges with a Type-C charging port. I enjoyed using the vape and will continue to have it in my rotation due to the smooth hit and discrete yet fun design. 

It comes in 4 fun colors: Black, Blue Purple Gradient, Mixed Color, Silver. The current price of this battery is $29.99

Features to know for best use:

  • Pre-Heat: Inhale 2 Times
  • Change Voltage: Inhale 3 Times
  • 3 Voltage Levels: 2.6V/3.2V/3.8V
  • 510 Thread: Fits Up To 2g Carts

yocan verve voltage

You can find out more about Yocan products here.

Have you tried the Yocan Verve? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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