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Welcome to day 2 of Cartridge Week for Penguin Pete (that’s me). This week, the world’s least enthusiastic vape cartridge user gets to review five brands in five days. Today’s cart is a doozy – Strain Snobs. It’s a delta 8 with artificial, forced terpenes that doesn’t deliver much effect.

See our video review of Strain Snobs Delta 8 Sour Diesel Cartridge here.


  • Made by an actual company that apparently distributes this stuff to real dispensaries


  • Crap packaging
  • No tests
  • No labeling for cannabinoids/terpenes
  • Crap taste
  • So-so effects

Recommendations: Clearly this product is aimed at the gas station / vape shop crowd and almost has no business being discussed on a cannabis products forum. Therefore, our only suggestion is “move out of the slums.”


Strain Snobs: Disappointment from start to finish

They say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but in the case of vape cartridges, the packaging is a very good tip-off to what you are getting. Doubly so with Strain Snobs, which looks so skeevy that even a Muha Meds would be embarrassed to be seen next to it. This logo looks like the lovechild of a leprechaun and the Hamburglar. The package is just heat-sealed clamshell plastic.

Dwell upon it:



The back doesn’t even bother filling the blank space with some helpful lab testing info or even promises about ingredients, just this logo that’s drawn to try to appeal to the Heavy Hitters crowd. This product is targeted at one market and one market only: In a Skid Row convenience store right between the crack pipes and the knock-off Viagra pills.


Cannabis oil does not taste like that!

Today’s strain is marked “Sour Diesel” just like yesterday’s cartridge from Delta 8 Factory, yet they could not taste more different. The Delta 8 Factory at least tasted consistent with other Sour Diesels I’ve tasted. This Strain Snobs cart tasted like lemon furniture polish with a mouthwash twist. It’s not only unappealing, but downright nasty, harsh, artificial, and punishing on the lungs.

Cartridge manufacturer’s note: I am really losing patience with these artificial, super-sweet candy flavors passed off as cannabis strains! Knock it off with the sugar diabetes marketing! Yes, there are a few cannabis strains with a mildly citrus flavor, a few more with a tangy taste. That doesn’t mean you squeeze 25 lemons into a cart and call it a day. This artificially sweet flavor is harsh on the lungs and the citric acid is choking.

Anyway: The oil in this cartridge even looks like lemon juice.


Effects are barely there

It is delta 8, which is normally half the effects of THC, as you know from our altcan guide. I do certainly feel something, but it’s not the usual delta 8 “heady high with an energy boost.” It doesn’t feel couch-locky either. It’s just middle-of-the-road buzzy and relaxing, even a bit sedating. Just nowhere near as much fun as other cartridges I’ve tried.

The Price is INSANELY High!

Going by the prices where this cart is sold, I checked it out on PureCBDNow. The price there says “from $44.99” and by the time you select the 1-gram, the price goes to $54.99! Yesterday’s cartridge, the Delta 8 Factory one, was $60 and was way overpriced at that, despite having some attempt at making decent flavored oil. Strain Snobs has no business selling ANYTHING for $54.99! My God, the things you could get for that price – live resin for $40, 2 grams of great delta 8 dabs for $30, whole jars of flower – the list goes on!

Strain Snobs is an Insult to Cannabis

I am terribly sorry to be such a negative Nancy here. I don’t think this is a brand that cares what we consumers think, anyway. In a world we live in today, with so many cartridges to choose from, Strain Snobs belongs right at the bottom of the pile. There’s at least 999 cartridges you should try out there that are cheaper and higher quality than Strain Snobs.

The company that claims credit for Strain Snobs is Active CBD Oil. They apparently distribute products nationwide, including at 5 Colorado dispensaries, but my guess is that’s their own house brand (Active CBD Oil itself) while the Strain Snobs are shipped out to truck stops in Michigan. Find it here, if you dare.


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