Design & Build Quality

I started out this Linx Gaia review not expecting much. Vapes in this middle budget category that have come out recently have not been impressive compared to older model high end vapes that are now in the same price range. The Linx Gaia turned out to be a vaporizer that delivers great flavor, strong hits, and efficiency.

Design and Build Quality – Solid Feel with Glass Mouthpiece

When I first opened the Linx Gaia I heard a rattle when I picked it up. I thought this was going to be a cheap Alibaba kind of vape. I was wrong. The mouthpiece filter was not screwed together and this was causing the rattling. My unit could be an isolated issue, but I could see this throwing someone off in the smoke shop that picked it up and was considering it.

Linx Gaia vape
The metal cap helps keep the glass tip from breaking on the go.

Install the mouthpiece filter and the rattling is over. The unit has a solid feel to it. The look is nothing special, but it does look clean and there is no cheap plastic feeling.

Linx Gaia charging cable
Charge the Gaia or your iPhone.

The Gaia’s battery lasted quite a bit. I did not time it exactly but it did not die fast. Battery life issues tend to come up after very extended use. The cable was impressive. Lots of length, nice feel, and a Lightning charger.

Air Path – You Can See It All Right There

The air path is very straightforward on the Linx Gaia. Take off the mouthpiece and you will see where its coming from. No rubbing against rubber or flowing on the side of batteries, the air path is clean. They use quartz for the bowl and it works well.

Linx Gaia air path
There it is. Right down that hole.

Cleaning is easy and efficient. Air is pulled through the air slits on the side of the vaporizer. Make sure your hand is not covering the incoming air path holes when you use it, I made this mistake at first.

Linx Gaia Mouthpiece Feels Nice and Solid, Right Below Can Get Hot!

The Gaia uses glass as its mouthpiece. One design flaw is the heat is a little closer to the mouthpiece than I would like. There is a warning on it, but it still comes pretty close. The heat won’t burn your finger unless you hold it there a long time. It is hot for the lips though, so be careful!

Tool Placement Is Convenient

Linx Gaia bottom view
The herb tool pops out easy.

The dry herb tool fits right underneath with a magnet. Easy to pull out and convenient location. I liked the height and thickness of the tool as well. The blunter side is perfect for packing bowls

Strength Was Good, Keep Your Hand Out of The Way

Air felt constricted when I first hit it. It was my hand in the way. Hold the Linx Gaia to close to the top and you block the airflow. The filter on the inside has small holes and needs to be cleaned.

Its not the strongest vape I have hit, but stronger vapes I have hit are much more expensive. The Gaia falls into its own pricing category. Recently it seems most dry herb vapes are at the $125 and below range or $200 and up range.

The cheapest good vape I can think of is the Flowermate 5.0S, and the Linx Gaia hits harder than it significantly. It also hits way harder than the DaVinci Ascent.

The Gaia Vape Was Great on Efficiency

Efficiency was on par with any high end vape and nothing was wasted.  The air path construction does not allow for random pieces of bud to get stuck in it like some of the other cheaper vapes that have an over complicated air path.

Linx Gaia AVB
AVB is toasted playa. Notice the material is vaped evenly.

I was loading between .15g and 2g when I was using it. I usually vape high @ 420F. Everything came out pretty evenly vaped.

Gaia Vape Size is Portable, But Not Tiny

The Linx Gaia’s dimensions are 50 mm x 24 mm x 80 mm. Not huge but not super compact either. Most of the higher end vapes that are smaller are also much more expensive. There are cheaper smaller vapes as well, but the ones I have tried did not taste as good as the Gaia vape.

Linx Gaia Size Comparison
iPhone 6s Plus next to Linx Gaia.

Discretion – Not Its Strong Point, But Can Hide In Hand

You can hold the Gaia vaporizer in your hand and hide most of it as it is not that big. If the vaporizer is sitting upright on a desk though, it might get some second looks.

Linx Gaia vaporizer
What’s that thing you got there?

Use the vape cap to make it more discreet. When they can see the glass is when it looks more fishy.

Linx Gaia’s Taste Was Impressive

The quartz chamber produces no additional flavors. Its a very short route from the herb in the chamber to the vapor in your mouth. Taste is on point on this vaporizer and comparable to more expensive vapes like the Mighty.

Value Good For Price Range

The Gaia vape is in the mid-low range pricing category at $159.99. The closest vape in value in price is the DaVinci Ascent. Linx is known for being great with warranty issues, making it a good overall value.

Vape Beef: Comparing Competitors

Linx Gaia vs. DaVinci Ascent

The DaVinci Ascent has a more “American designed” feel, which is now similarly priced to the Linx Gaia. The Ascent is a last generation dry herb vape that now can be found for $160, but used to be $250.

The Linx Gaia looks simpler and size is about the same. I got harder hits on the Gaia vape and taste is about the same. I would say it is a draw between the two. Spending about $160? If you want something a little sleeker, get the DaVinci Ascent. If you want something that hits harder, get the Gaia.

Linx Gaia vs. The Wing Vaporizer

The Gaia’s build quality was significantly better than the $129 Wing vape. Hits are also stronger. Taste was slightly better on the Gaia, but I suspect long term the Wing’s taste will degrade more due to its air path.

The Wing is much more portable and discreet. The bud holder is nice as well, but everything else about the Linx Gaia is better. For $30 more I would pick the Gaia.

In conclusion, the Linx Gaia is a good quality vaporizer. Hits are strong, it’s efficient, and the battery lasts long. It’s not the most discreet vape, but overall it’s a great choice in this price range. You can find out more and buy the Linx Gaia vape here.



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