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Here we take a look at the Linx Eden. In this review by Dab Rat Labs, we cover the good, the bad, and what could be improved upon with this dry herb vaporizer. Overall, this vape is made of quality materials, but there are definitely areas for improvement.


  • Sleek design.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Pocket-friendly cap.
  • Brings out the full flavor of terpenes.
  • Fully vapes herb, no burning.


  • Non-standard charger, so you’d better not lose this one!
  • The silicon cover sleeve is fiddly. Having it on while you tighten the mouthpiece tends to reposition the cover, hiding the buttons and lights.
  • Titanium pads difficult to remove after use.
  • Hard to hit.

Linx Eden review and unboxing at Dab Rat Laboratories

Linx Vapor makes the Linx Eden, a dry herb vaporizer.

Dry herb vapes have become a more popular way to hit regular flower.  Vaping herb, as opposed to burning it in a joint, produces less toxins and odor. UC San Francisco researchers report that vaping cannabis produces the same THC levels without the harmful toxins of smoking. You might also notice a longer-lasting high with less impairment. Finally, the biggest factor in a dry herb vape’s efficiency is grinding quality.

grinding herb prior to dry herb vape


  • The vaporizer itself
  • USB charger
  • Lava plates – 1 pair of titanium pads, +1 replacement pair
  • Scrub brush for cleaning
  • Silicon vape cover
  • Replacement glass mouthpiece
  • Other spare parts

features of the Lynx Eden

That feature list in case you mobile folks can’t make out the text in the box shot:

  • All quartz chamber
  • Lava plate
  • Convection heating
  • Four temperatures
  • Magnetic cap
  • Air insulation tech


Pack the chamber half-full with well-ground herb. Spread your extract (about the size of a grain of rice) onto one side of the lava plate.

Lynx Eden lava plate detail

Place the second lava plate on top of the extract, like an Oreo cookie. Place the lava plate cookie in the chamber on top of the dry herb. Close it with the mouthpiece and power it on. You’re ready to go.

To clean: Submerge the lava plates in isopropyl alcohol. Let them soak for an hour, then remove them from alcohol and let them air-dry.

hitting the Lynx Eden

Apparently you have to hit it hard, drawing air through it, to get a good puff of smoke.

dry herb post-vape

Post-vape, you can see where the herb is not burned, but cooked.

You can find more info on the Linx Eden here.

Have you tried out the Linx Eden or other Linx products?

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  1. This thing sucks. You waisted more than you actually use. It barley hits . The plates get stuck. I paid 140 for this and the company will not work with you. If you dont like it your stuck with it poor business . Not the only one have seems reviews like this all over the place. So BUYERS BEWARE.

    • Thanks for commenting. Also the title has been adjusted as it should really reflect the expense part of this device. $140 is a lot for a wax pen.

      On our site we do not do paid for reviews, so we just tell it like it performed – but now I am going back and editing this comment as I see we did this in conjunction with Dab Rat Labs.

      When you requested a refund they just said no? And do you think it is possible ours was in better condition than your or maybe others?


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