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Today we will look at an overview of Maven Extracts, which is the concentrate brand from Maven Genetics. Previously, I have enjoyed their various flower eighths and pre-rolls as well as their Guava Kush sugar diamonds. In addition, I also particularly enjoyed their collaboration between Rove Brand for their Maven OG cured resin cartridge. Maven Genetics currently offers flower eighths, pre-rolls, and concentrates in licensed dispensaries throughout California. For this review, I’ll take a look at the pros and cons of Maven Extracts.


  • Excellent quality
  • Great taste
  • Very strong potency
  • Reasonable prices


  • Cured sugar not quite as tasty as its live resin

Recommendations: None

maven pink sugar box

Pink Sugar live resin is similar to the look of Guild Extracts diamond sauce but tastes similar to MX Brand and Wox Extracts

This week, I picked up Maven Extracts Pink Sugar live resin from Maven Genetics. Not much is particularly known about Pink Sugar except that it is an Indica-dominant hybrid cross of proprietary origin. This live resin was filled with nice medium-sized THC crystals, similar to the consistency of the Guild Extracts diamond sauce. The pungent aroma of Pink Sugar is very sweet, fruity, and floral with candied hints of tangy lemons, fresh grapefruit, and red berries. The aroma of this Pink Sugar was very similar to Pink Lemonade from MX Brand and Strawberry Lemonade from Wox Extracts. The taste is similarly sweet and fruity, which tastes just like pink lemonade. Overall, this live resin tasted slightly better than Guava Kush sugar diamonds. 

maven pink sugar close up

Pink Sugar live resin was slightly more potent than Dimebag but tasted slightly better than Guava Kush sugar diamonds

The effects felt initially euphoric, then mellow and relaxing. This strain was perfect as a post-work dab or during the weekend. It was also slightly more potent than the live resin from Dimebag Co. concentrates, which I also tried this week. The THC % of the Pink Sugar is 78.30% and the total cannabinoids are 90.63%.

maven og cured sugar box

The dominant terpenes of Maven OG are listed as Limonene, Pinene, and Myrcene

This week, I also picked their Maven OG cured sugar, which is their own proprietary strain. The color and consistency of this cured sugar are somewhat similar to their sugar diamonds. While the aroma of Maven OG leans on the floral, citrusy side, the taste is more piney and earthier than the aroma. This one felt more potent than the Pink Sugar live resin but less tasty. This one was also less tasty but more potent than the Garanimals live resin sugar from Dimebag.

While I would recommend the potency of this cured sugar, the flavor isn’t quite as tasty as their other live resin choices. The effects of the Maven OG cured sugar felt focused yet relaxing after feeling hit with some initially heavy cerebral euphoria. The dominant terpenes are listed as Limonene, Pinene, and Myrcene. It also aids in pain relief, insomnia, muscle tension, or stress. This strain is perfect for relaxing during the evening, even though the Rove Maven OG felt perfect for any time of the day. The total THC % of 75.81% and the total cannabinoids is 86.93%. 

maven guava kush sugar diamonds

Maven OG cured sugar felt more potent but less tasty than the Pink Sugar live resin

The Maven cured sugar is priced usually around $36 for a full gram, while the live resin sugar and sugar diamonds are usually priced around $38 for a full gram. In my opinion, both concentrates from Maven Extracts are worth the reasonable price for their quality potency and taste. Although I enjoyed the potency of their cured selection of concentrates, I would recommend the taste of the live resin concentrates more than their cured concentrates. However, both Maven concentrates had strong entourage effects as they reached close to or around 90.0% total cannabinoids.


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Overall, this is a very solid recommendation for Maven Extracts for their excellent quality, great taste, and very strong potency

In conclusion, this is a very solid recommendation for Maven Extracts for their cured sugar and live resin concentrates. Especially for their excellent quality, great taste, and very strong potency. If you are looking for stronger overall potency, I would recommend their cured sugar and sugar diamonds. If you’re looking for more sweet and tasty flavors, I would recommend their live resin concentrates, particularly their Pink Sugar.

Maven Genetics currently offers flower eighths, pre-rolls, and concentrates in licensed dispensaries throughout California with their store locator here

Have you tried Maven Extracts products? Let us know what you think in the comments or on our forum.

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