Active Botanical Co. Pet Formulation is made from a basic mix of CBD Isolate and MCT Oil. It is the closest to the majority of CBD Isolate Tinctures on the market today making it safe for humans to take as well. This pet formulation is designed for your pets who suffer from anxiety, inflammation or sore joints.

Active Botanical Co. products are ethically sourced and manufactured

There is very useful information on Active Botanical Company’s site, categorized perfectly, and precise, about their products, their commitment to quality, and quality control via testing. This soundbite however, means everything to me…

“Our products are non-GMO, Cruelty Free and created from 100% Organic Hemp. All of our products are vegan, keto, and vegetarian friendly.”

That one statement tells me everything I need to know about the origin of the products I am evaluating. I trust this company is farming and producing in a healthy, environmentally-friendly and ethical way.

Meet Fadder: CBD loving 18 year old cat

A photo of Fadder the 18 y/o cat

Poor ole guy is rough (No doggie pun intention). 18 year-old Fadder is one big, dirty, dreadlock in search of his next meal. Food is his life. Always has been. So I was excited about the prospect of getting some CBD oil in my buddy, Fadder. He is a friend’s cat and our friend authorized us to

The Active Botanical Co. Pet Forumulation CBD can easily be mixed with food and administered orally

Active Botanical Co. Pet Formulation
Photo from Active Botanical Co. Instagram

The best results can be achieved with a .5mg for every pound of weight and each drop of the Pet Formulation is ≈ 1mg. Measuring by the drop is best for smaller pets and measuring with the labeled dropper is better for larger pets. Here’s an example:

  • 10lb Animal = 5 Drops
  • 20lb Animal = 10 Drops (.20ml)
  • 50lb Animal = 25 Drops (.5ml)

I received the 1500 mg. Pet Formulas. The yellow print on a rust-colored label was hard to read so I headed to the website. I guess they figure cats have great vision. I don’t. LOL.

Active Botanical Co. tincture is designed to be as odorless as possible

Active Botanical Co. Pet Formulation
Photo from Active Botanical Co. Instagram

Although there are four cats in the house I share with others, I set out to get the oil into Fadder. At first, he would lick the oil off the food, so I knew he liked it. Once I put down three bowls of food and only put the oil in one. He went to that bowl. So he likes it.

Test results provided by Active Botanical Co.

Below are the Certificates of Analysis from Active Botanical Co. for their Pet Formulation we are using in this review.

active botanical co pet formulation coa

active botanical co pet formulation coa

It’s great they provide test results and are open about what is in their product.

An easy way to bring relief to your favorite furry friend

Does it work? It is very hard to evaluate a client or patient you can’t talk to. What I did notice was, the cat was even more vigilante about getting my attention.

CBD Pet Formulation for pets
A Photo of Fadder beside his bottle of CBD Pet Formulation

He wanted the oil. Also, it seemed to me that his eyes were more open and less cloudy than they have been before consuming the oil for two weeks. Best of all, the cat’s owner tells me that he now climbs the steep staircase to the second floor to sleep on her bed with her, which he had never done before in his old age.

Do I think this product is good for and having a positive effect on Fadder? Yes. A pet owner with an elderly pet would find Active Botanicals Co. pet CBD oil a great investment.  Fadder gives it two paws up!

Concluding our Active Botanical Co. Pet Formulation review

Overall this product works. If it can help an 18 year old cat it might be helpful to your pet as well. You can get the product here.

Have you used any of Active Botanical Co. products before? Question or comment? Post your review or comment below! You can also post in our forum!


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