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Click a button and fold your oil pen cartridge into your battery. Three heat settings and the easiest to charge vape we have used. Discretion and portability prove to be top notch in this O2VAPE Flip Platinum review. It is a reliable and easy to charge vape battery for 510 threaded THC cartridges.

Update 07/23/2018: The battery has degraded after serious use where the high setting is not as powerful. If you have this issue contact O2Vape customer service for a replacement.

O2VAPE Flip Platinum Has A Solid Build And Effective Design

A very solid feel describes the O2VAPE Flip Platinum. The design is very effective in that the cartridge does not stick out when you are not using it. You simply press a button and fold the cartridge in. It also comes with an empty cartridge that you can fill with your own distillate.

o2vape flip closed
Looks like a car key when it is closed

The Flip vape battery has a built in charger the pops out. No screwing on a charger or additional USB cable required, this battery includes the charging cable and USB plug. Not having to keep a cable around is a nice bonus and this has come in handy quite often. The design also keeps the cartridge from hitting the ground if you drop it or getting broken while its sitting in your pocket. Since the actual cartridge is folded in, it is protected

o2vape flip charger
The Flip has one of the easiest charging systems.

Very Easy To Use: Flip And Click

The O2VAPE Flip is overall one of the easiest to use 510 batteries for prefills. No extra settings and charging is super simple.

On/Off And Changing Heat Settings On O2VAPE Flip

To the Flip on, just flip it open. Close it and it goes off automatically. Three clicks changes between strengths on the Flip. Green is lowest power, Orange is middle, and Red is the highest setting. Red is probably the only setting you need.

Check Cartridge Size Before Use To Make Sure It Fits

The picture below shows the size of cartridges that can be used in the flip. It is measured in inches from the point after the threading of the atomizer.

o2vape flip cartridge length
It can fit most 510 cart sizes.

Hits Are Strong For Prefills; Might Be Weak For Regular Vapers

THe O2VAPE Flip is learly made for THC oil pen prefilled carts. You can use it with other types of vape cartridges, but you will not get any additional strength then you would from any standard eCig battery you get at the gas station. The Flip’s high setting (red) is just strong enough to get a solid hit out of a prefill like I used in our stick e vape review, but not too strong that it will pop the cartridge. I tried a few different carts on it on high setting, and never popped any of them.

O2VAPE Flip Platinum Review Shows A Super Portable and Discreet  Vape With Keychain Loop And Folding

Close the vape and it fits nicely even in a small pocket. The corner has a loop to which you can attach it to a keychain. On a set of keys it looks like another modern car key.

o2vape flip keychain
Looks like another key.

This O2VAPE Flip review reveleaed it to be one of the most portable vape batteries out there. Some vape batteries are smaller, but they do not fully conceal the cartridge. When closed,

Convenient, But Expensive

The Flip Platinum goes for $54.95. Pretty expensive for a battery, but you can get an extra 15% off by pretending to check out, then closing it. You will then get offered a 15% off coupon, which is better than the regular 10% off coupon the give you standard. There are some cheaper version of the same battery out there, but O2VAPE offers a no questions asked, easy lifetime warranty, which adds some value.

In conclusion, this O2VAPE Flip Platinum review revealed a quality battery that is easily concealable and keeps your cartridge safe from damage when you are not vaping.  If you want to vape but keep it discreet, the Flip is a great option. Interested in picking one up? You can get it here.


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