5 Tricks For Surviving a Weed Tolerance Break

Weed Tolerance Break

Weed Tolerance Break Is A No Pun Affair, Find Out How To Deal With It

Weed Tolerance Break: Before you decide to go smack your seller for giving you a bad batch of weed, wait one minute. The reason you didn’t get high may not be because you got a bad batch, the problem could be from you.

If you smoke weed regularly, you will eventually build up a resistance to it.

You would need to smoke more to get you high and even then, it may not last as long. What you need isn’t a new dispensary or a new strain necessarily, but a weed tolerance break.

You know how when you use a drug too often your body gets used to it and it loses its effectiveness? The same thing happens with weed.

A weed tolerance break is when you give your brain time to rediscover its fondness of cannabis and allow you to get high again, just like how it was when you first started off.

Sounds like a step too far? Maybe, but it is totally worth it.

The cannabinoid receptors in the brain become more receptive to THC after letting them rest for a couple of days. For it to turn around fully, you need to give it a bit more time to recuperate, 3 – 4 weeks to be precise.

As you can imagine, this is no easy feat. But there are ways to prepare yourself, so you don’t lose your cool and get yourself fired or beat up during the transition.

  1. Get Ready for a Fight During a Weed Tolerance Break

You have to know what you’re in for. If you are expecting a weed tolerance break to be a cake-walk you are going to be blindsided. No matter how high your will-power is, it is likely this would be a pretty tough experience if you plan on going for the full month.

Most people don’t make it through the first twenty-four hours, only because they underestimate the challenge. So, have a plan of action and stick to it. Get someone to help you stay on track, preferably someone that has been through it already.

When it gets tough, keep reminding yourself why you are doing it.

  1. Keep Yourself Occupied

Your preparation should include a plan of action for each period you would usually spend getting not as high as you once did. If those chill-periods are booked up with something like watching a movie or learning Kung-Fu, you’ll be alright.

Weed Tolerance Break

Keeping a social calendar is a good way to keep up the good fight. Friends to support and encourage you will go a long way, especially people with experience. This is particularly useful if the cravings are more intense when you are by yourself. But choose your venue wisely. Don’t tempt yourself.

At no point, should you go off-script and be idle, because that could well be the end of your weed tolerance break.

  1. Try Natural Remedies/Alternatives

There are natural substitutes for some of the reasons people smoke weed. If you use it to send you into a sweet slumber after a long and stressful day, try natural alternatives such as melatonin. If you find it difficult to go to sleep without weed, you will need a potent substitute.

There have been more than a few cases of people suffering insomnia during a weed tolerance break. If you don’t want sleeping pills, try other means like exhausting yourself.

  1. Exercise Often

Exercise will help you get a good endorphin kick, which is what you’ll need to perk your mood up because let’s be honest, you will be grumpy during a weed tolerance break.

Weed Tolerance Break

It also helps unlock the THC trapped in fat cells. As a bonus, it can help against insomnia. Take a jog at night to get you feeling good and ready for sleep.

  1. Eat Right

We know that smoking weed gives you the munchies, but ironically, so does taking a weed tolerance break. For some people, quitting weed makes them hungry. This could be as a result of comfort-eating.

Weed Tolerance Break

Taking a break from weed might get your mood down a bit, which could lead you to the fridge more often than normal. On the flip side, you could discover you have absolutely no appetite.

Both of these are unhealthy, so it is advisable to have a meal plan comprised of healthy foods and snacks. You might find the urge to keep your hands busy, but substitute the endless bag of crisps with fruits and veg instead. And no, not that type of green.


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