THC in cannabis, like many psychoactive substances, tends to have diminishing returns over prolonged, steady use. This is because the receptors in the body’s natural endocannabinoid system tend to shut down over time. When this happens, we call it “building up a tolerance” as it takes more drug to achieve the same sensations. This happens only with daily-basis usage over a period of at least months.

The solution is to take a “tolerance break,” where you swear off cannabis for a while to let your system take a breather. Studies show that cannabinoid receptors start to replenish after just two days, and take about a month to be fully back online. Note that during this time, you can still take CBD oil or other derivatives, as it’s just the THC you need a break from.

As much as we all love our THC around here, we still believe in “everything in moderation.” While cannabis isn’t physically addicting, you can still develop a psychological dependence if it becomes just one more thing you do every day. This happens with everything, not just cannabis.

Check out our handy guide on taking a tolerance break. Take some time to master your body, and then come back to cannabis when it’s more fun again!



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