In vape cartridges, what’s the difference between a fake brand and a street brand? A fake brand is packaging only, manufactured in China most often, sold as empty cartridges to customers in the states. Said customers then are free to fill them with whatever ingredients they please and sell them on the black market. Could be fire, could be boof, could be anything.

A street brand is like an “indie” company. They’re not counterfeit, although they can easily be copied if they become popular enough. They’re an unlicensed black market / bootleg brand produced by one small operation, so there may be some consistency depending on how conscientious the operators are. There’s still no guarantee of quality nor the protection of a company which has to answer to government standards.

Which brings us to today’s vape cartridge story‚Ķ

Sky High Originals is a street brand

We do see a lot of people in vape forums asking about them.

Sky High Originals

They’re not hard to piece together. Their biggest web presence is on Instagram, under the #skyhighogg tag. They also had a Facebook under the same tag, but that appears to have been of no use because it’s down now. The other thing to know about Sky High Originals is that they were running out of a delivery service in Pomona, California, which is now taken down off WeedMaps for being itself unlicensed. Note the same logo. The Pomona location concurs with this Reddit report of sightings of the cartridges floating around the San Gabriel valley in California, right about where Pomona is.

Sky High Originals

And that’s pretty much everything there is to find out about Sky High Originals.

Sky High Originals

Sky High Originals is not to be confused with Sky High Concentrates

Sky High Concentrates is a company making primarily edibles in Colorado. The hand-writing font logo is similar, and indeed even S.H. Concentrates talks about distillate and cartridges on their site, but nothing seems to be implemented yet except the edibles. Note the below logo comparison:

Sky High Concentrates has a similar logo

Nice one, guys! You had us going for a minute there! Considering each company pops up in the other’s searches on Google, somebody might want to think about switching names, and it’s probably not going to be the licensed edibles company in Colorado.

Of course, a street brand is just as unregulated as a fake brand

We’re not saying this shoestring operation is necessarily bad, that’s up to your own judgment. In fact, we’re not here to call anybody anything, we just help the public make informed, safe purchasing and consumption decisions and send everybody on their merry way. With a local street brand like these, it comes down to the reputation of the producers and whether you trust them to observe safety standards.

A street brand might even try to go legit later. We hear rumors about this happening once in a blue. Some even go out and get lab tested, and if anybody finds a Sky High originals test for metals, pesticides, and other nastiness, we’re all ears!

The minute that black market counterfeits of this brand start to pop up, however, all bets are officially off.

See? We try to be nice once in awhile.

Feel free to share your experiences with Sky High Originals!

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  1. These made their way all the way to Wisconsin last fall but only made a showing once. They definitely whacked harder than most black market carts.


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