The Explosion Of Marijuana Delivery Services In The Absence Of Walk In Dispensaries

Marijuana Delivery ServicesMarijuana delivery services come full of initial concerns. Hey, weed isn’t cheap and at that point we’re basically bud shopping from a digital screen. We all know what those Wendy’s hamburgers really look like. When we pay, we don’t get that burger we saw on the commercial.

That same thinking applies to cannabis delivery services, kind of. There’s always a concern with weed delivery services that you won’t get that chronic you want and rightly pay for. However, most services offer quality product. They provide the dankest of nugs, quality oils, and premium edible choices. Once people find a trusted weed delivery service, they’re set. Some marijuana delivery services have even gone with a mini-store model, letting you see what you want before you buy. Unfortunately, most delivery services still make you pick what you get before it gets there!

Sure, people would certainly be willing to stop at the shop on the way home and pick up some bowls to smoke. Unfortunately, California cities like San Diego make brick and mortar dispensaries extremely difficult to open. People have different reasons for using marijuana delivery services. Entrepreneurs see it as a safer way to invest their money.

Are Weed Delivery Services Illegal Or Legit?

The short answer to this question is that weed delivery can be legit or illegal, it all depends. The passing of Prop 215 by California voters in 1996 gave cities the right to ban the sale of marijuana. 150 cities did just that. Fast forward to 2017 and weed is now legal in California but cities maintain the right to ban its sale and commercial growth.

Marijuana Delivery ServicesCities can’t stop citizens from growing up to 6 plants or having up to an ounce of herb. Some cities have adopted measures which prevent any outdoor growth where plants can be visibly seen by neighbors or the public. We’re not sure what happens if people can smell it. Joking aside, the idea of hear no evil see no evil lays a path for the success of weed delivery services.

Clearly the legality of cannabis delivery comes down to the decisions of local city politicians. There have been instances of delivery services being busted but for the most part they have remained untouched. Cities like Oceanside in San Diego County have banned the sale of weed but find it hard to stop delivery services. It’s simply more low profile than any storefront could possibly be. Delivery services don’t have to operate out of banned cities to deliver there either.

Mary Jane Delivery Services Offer Less Exposure For Customers

Customers take advantage of marijuana delivery services mostly out of convenience. Delivery also reduces the chance of exposure. Many workplaces still frown upon the use of marijuana. Doctors, Lawyers, Judges and other high profile professions would rather not run into their patients or clients while buying pot.

Marijuana Delivery ServicesDispensaries create an unmistakable culture that can’t be found in a delivery service, at least not yet. Dispensaries offer that retail store setup where weed is nicely displayed for visual effect. Customers are free to browse and pick out a new strain of sativa or an old favorite indica. Customers can smell the weed as well before choosing. People can’t get this with delivery and cities that enact bans on the sale of marijuana will surely miss out on a lucrative source of income. The exception is the few deliveries that operate a mobile store, where multiple options are brought to the customer’s door.

A Glimpse Into The Future Of Cannabis Delivery

With the passing of Prop 64 and the legalization of marijuana in California, marijuana delivery services will continue to thrive. The fact that legislation allows cities to ban the sale of marijuana provides a continued boost to the value of running a delivery service. The fact that many citizens don’t have a local dispensary to stop into guarantees their future success.

Marijuana Delivery ServicesThe next 10 years of marijuana sales in California shows a mixed State canvass. We’ll see situations where cities have banned its sale but 1 mile away across the next city line, pot shops will be available. One city will collect on a vast new source of revenue while a neighboring city spends resources on combating it.

Someone’s not going to keep up with Joneses and that almost always creates action. Legalization is here but the sociological war on weed continues. Marijuana delivery services fill a middle ground in this arena and continue to provide customers with the marijuana they asked and voted for.


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