Our Picks For The Best Weed In Las Vegas


Las Vegas has a lot of great weed right now, some of the best in the world. Here we’ll go through the best weed in Las Vegas, Nevada and where you can get them. The picks here are based on actual user experience.

This list technically covers all of Nevada as we have tried quite a bit of cannabis flowers from Reno, Lake Tahoe and Ely, but we haven’t tried everything yet. So as we come across great brands we will continue to add to this list.

Got brand you think we should try? Please let us know below in the comments!

Las Vegas’ best weed by brand name

All the brands mentioned here have great products and not every flower they produce is the same. One strain might be better than another brand’s on a particular week so we do not rank these in order from best to worst. We put them alphabetically since that’s the easiest way to organize them.

Most of these flowers are gleaming with THC crystals and the ones that don’t show it as much is due to poor lighting from being on the wrong side of the sun in a building. We hope this list makes your cannabis experience great when in Las Vegas.

Tip: Don’t always go to the dispensary your Uber, Lyft or taxi driver recommends. Cannabis prices vary greatly lot in Las Vegas for the same products. For example, a Brass Knuckles cartridge

at Pisos was $120 and at Essence it was $85. See our post on Las Vegas driver kickbacks for more info.


You can now get Cannabiotix cannabis flower in both California and Nevada. Consistently awesome products has made Cannabiotix some of the best weed in Las Vegas. One of my favorite strains from them has been Tangie.

They have the most perfected Tangie flower of any I have tried and that’s a strain I often go looking for in the shop. Cannabiotix weed is available in multiple shops all over Las Vegas.

Popular strain: Tangie

Get more info on Cannabiotix here, find them near you here, and check out their Instagram for awesome pics.

Greenway Las Vegas

Greenway Las Vegas might be the best tasting weed in Las Vegas.

Greenway Las Vegas, formerly Greenway Medical,  is a cultivator based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Started seeing them in dispensaries about a year ago. They are known for having exceptional taste, but they are not lacking on strength at all either. Greenway is definitely producing some of the best weed in Las Vegas.

Check out those crystals!

Greenway Las Vegas cannabis is available at our favorite dispensary, Essence Tropicana West. Their store locator is currently down and I could not find them on Weedmaps, but we will add then when it’s back up.

You can learn more about Greenway Las Vegas on their website. For now, their Instagram has been taken down.

Popular strain: Curious George #7

Polaris MMJ

One of the best strains anywhere, very energetic

Polaris MMJ is most likely named after Polaris Street in Las Vegas. It’s in an industrial area just west of the strip. Polaris Street Cafe is worth checking out if you end up there as well. I like to think somewhere in that area, Polaris is making top notch flower. One of my favorite Polaris MMJ strains is Headcheese. Very cheesy, energetic, and strong. I am not the only one that thinks their products are great, their Headcheese strain won Best Strain in Las Vegas for 2018 in Las Vegas Weekly

Lighting was not so good here, but look close and you can still see the crystals.

Polaris also makes some of the best prerolls in Las Vegas. They’re using nugs and you can tell on the flavor. You can find Polaris MMJ near you on their store locator. Check out their Instagram for pics.

Popular strain: Head Cheese

Remedy Cultivation

Their motto is “Remedy Yourself” and that’s what their weed is for.

Everything so far I have tried from Remedy Cultivation looks like it came out of a magazine. Remedy is definitely making some of the best weed in the world. As friends from California come to visit and say how great their bud is, I show them Remedy’s flower and they are blown away by the quality. Perfect in weed is Remedy Cultivation.

With a strain like Bio Jesus, you have to assume they are doing the Lord’s work. The Remedy cartridge is awesome too. We featured it on our best cartridges of Nevada list. If they get around to changing the cart to harder-hitting hardware like CCELL, it will be one of the best anywhere.

Cracked this nug in half, crystals galore

You can find more information on Remedy Cultivation on their website. Check out pics on their Instagram.

Popular Strain: Bio Jesus

The Grower Circle

The Grower Circle is a group of growers that put together awesome quality herb. The Grower Circle prerolls are some of the best I have tried anywhere. They are usually a couple of dollars more than the next one, but well worth it.

Weed from a Redwood prefill on the left. The Growers Circle on the right using good nugs.

I think The Grower Circle must do smaller batches as it sells out fast and then you don’t see them in store for a while.  When I do see it available, often it is at Nevada Made Marijuana in Laughlin.

Find more info on The Grower Circle on their website and check out their Instagram for pics. You can find their products near you using their store locator.

Popular Strain: VLB Orange Cookie, similar to Orange Cookies

Virtue Las Vegas

Triple G and Virtue OG are some of the best weed strains available in Las Vegas. Always producing top notch flower, Virtue Las Vegas weed is available all over town. They also don’t go cheap on the prerolls. Always nug, always tasting great, their prerolls are some of the best and on par with The Grower Circle.

Popular Strain: Diamond Dust

Check out the Virtue Las Vegas website for more info. See this list of dispensaries that carry Virtue products and check out their Instagram for some of the best flower pics anywhere.

Willies Reserve


A brand that is either owned or associated with Willie Nelson, Willie’s Reserve has produced very high quality weed. Known for having a frosty look, their weed is available in Nevada and Colorado.

You can get more info on Willie’s Reserve on their website and find them near you on their store locator. Check out their Instagram for pics.

Popular strain: La Platina

Concluding our best weed of Las Vegas roundup

All brands mentioned above have produced consistently awesome weed. There has to be some we are missing and new brands are always coming out, so check back to this list later to see what we’ve added.

Is there a brand you think should be on this list? Comment below or in our forum!

Bert Blaze

Bert has over 10 years experience in cannabis, vape and law. He has managed a dispensary, participated in product development, testing and legal research. He hits mostly vape cartridges and joints. He prefers nice distillates and wickless carts. In addition to reviewing products in California, Colorado, and Nevada, Bert is the editor of DabConnection.

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  • We have Willie's Reserve here in Ohio, at medical dispensaries. It's made by the brand called Buckeye Relief here, and I've only tried the hybrid, Willie's Reserve Koko so far, but it's my favorite flower that I have tried. The sativa here is Sunshine Lime, and they are releasing an indica, Oro Blanco "White Gold" really soon.

  • It is still funny to me you guys like Remedy. Their flowers are like a face full of mildew. Had six different strains that all smelled like mildew and saw trimmers on Instagram claim they got sick from trimming it. Plus Silver Sage is famous for bad customer service and charging for exit bags. Do they ever have a real sale?

    I think Nu Leaf, Tahoe Hydro and MPX have all the cool strains now. Garanimals, Sweeties, Grape Pie, Slurricane. This is the kind of thing that gets me excited. I usually buy them for $49 per quarter at Dispensary NV and it feels so much better than buying a $60 eighth at Planet 13 and being disappointed.

    Other people really talk up Greenlife Productions and say it is the best in the state, but I think it tastes like compost. After all, it is grown in a room full of poop. I mean "living soil." Polaris is just ok. Yeah Headcheese is good but every other strain is kind of boring. I would like to try Growers Circle or Viva La Buds but they made a wax with Moxie that was the only Moxie I didn't like. I think it was Strawberry Banana? Then their strains are always boring shit like Bruce Banner so who cares? I used to buy the Virtue Moxie collaborations for $100/g and was never disappointed lol.

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