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Circle S Farms Flower Review – Strong Effects

As a seasoned cannabis consumer, I’m always looking for a strain that will be able to deliver. So when I…

2 months ago

Aether Gardens Live Resin Budder Review – Top Notch

Aether Gardens Rose x Banana x Forbidos Live Resin Budder is tasty, strong, and a high-quality product in general. Highly…

3 months ago

Best dispensaries in Las Vegas 2023

Check out our list of the best dispensaries in Las Vegas, Nevada.

3 months ago

22RED Live Resin Badder Review – Strong and Tasty

I highly recommend the 22red live resin badder. For the price point and how long it last. Two thumbs up.

3 months ago

Curaleaf Las Vegas lost a customer today

Curaleaf Las Vegas lost a customer today

3 months ago

Circle S Farms Cart Review – Great Taste and High

Circle S Farms Carts taste great and provide a fine high that lasts for a long time.

4 months ago

Baseline Cart Review – Keeps It Simple

Baseline has my attention. It’s great for having on the go and you don’t want a lot of attention drawn…

4 months ago

Road Tripper Flower Review – Smooth and Stoney

Road tripper offers flower that hits all the targets. It's fair-priced, super smooth, strong, and very tasty.

6 months ago

Curaleaf Flower Review – Best Bang for Your Buck

Curaleaf offers quality flower at great prices. They provide a great high that lasts a decent amount of time.

7 months ago

Best Nevada THC Flower 2023: Top THC Flower

Nevada offers high-quality and affordable flower. Because of that many people think its on of the best states to enjoy…

8 months ago

THE BANK Flower Review – Had Me Happy and Engaged

THE BANK flower offers very quality flower. The high and the effects are just awesome and I would recommend it…

8 months ago

Aether Gardens Flower Review – Smooth and Affordable

Aether Gardens flower is smooth and affordable but it could have a little more THC. This would make it a…

9 months ago

Best Dispensaries in Las Vegas 2022

Here we gonna take a look at the best dispensaries that can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out…

2 years ago

Best Dispensaries in Las Vegas 2023 – Based On The Best Deals

This list has been updated for 2023 by our current local reviewer Miles. Some reviews of products from Las Vegas/Nevada:…

2 years ago

Where to Find Dispensary Deals in Las Vegas

We're fans of the cannabis scene in Las Vegas, so we're appreciative of finding a site devoted to tracking Las…

4 years ago

Nevada Cannabis Flower Reviews

We traveled around Nevada to sample the best flower dispensaries have to offer. Here's our ratings on nearly a dozen…

4 years ago

Our Picks For The Best Weed In Las Vegas

Our picks for the best weed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Covering the top flower brands with pictures.

4 years ago

Planet 13: World’s Largest Dispensary in Las Vegas

Here we go over Planet 13, the largest dispensary in the world, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

4 years ago