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Today we’re going to be looking at BEAR Labs. They started out in the San Fernando Valley area of LA circa 2014, and are comprised of grassroots professionals with over 50 years of experience in Cannabis. They came together and formed BEAR Labs with the goal of bringing affordable, high-quality products to market. 

Currently, they offer both solvent extracted and solventless concentrates throughout California. As well as Live Resin vape cartridges. 


Speaking of California, you may or may not know, the state animal is a Grizzly bear. I thought it was pretty cool that this brand used our state animal as a logo and name. Not only that but how awesome is it that their name is an acronym for what their business entails (Botanical Extractions And Research). Pretty clever, right?

This particular review will be focusing on their BHO line, specifically their Mango Sherbet strain. It’s a diamonds and sauce product – THC diamonds in a high terpene sauce. 

Check out our video review of the BEAR Labs Live Resin Diamonds here.


  • Very affordable
  • Very flavorful. Terpenes for days, thanks to that sauce.
  • Handles high temps (570F+) without scorching or burning.
  • Nice, strong effect.
  • The product is tamper sealed via plastic wrap.


  • None

Recommendations: With a lot of diamonds/sauce products you can get huge chunky diamonds in the jar sometimes. While the urge to just dab the whole chunk is real, I find the following to help.

I’ll take the flat of my dab tool and slightly break these chunks up to more evenly distribute the high-THC material throughout the terpy sauce. Diamonds alone, I find don’t do much. You gotta have those terpenes!

bear labs logo

All right, let’s get down to business…

As usual, I’m going to break this product review down into individual temperature profiles. (Everything is in degrees Fahrenheit).

💙 (490) Whisper of flavor. Diamonds generally don’t do well in low temps. Thankfully there’s some sauce to flavor it up. Light fruity notes. Some lingering sweetness.

💚 (510)  Getting more fruit and sweet here but needs more heat. Little more orange zest notes, with that sweet finish. 

 ♥️ (530)  Started to get nice, full orange notes here. Slight mango sour-sweet and gas exhale.

🤍 (550) Big mango and juicy sweet orange, fruity, doesn’t scorch. NOTE: We took these to 600 and it started to burn around that temp. If it was pure diamonds it wouldn’t burn hardly at all. Just the terpy sauce cooking off I suspect. Sub 580 here.

bear labs resin close

The Ride

Very uplifting, literally. Makes your head feel floaty. Reminds me a bit of the strain Blue Dream. An energetic, but hazy, fun ride. A little bit of body to it, but not as much as I’d like. This tends to lean more Sativa in my opinion. Excellent for the start of the day. Gives nice energy, without being jittery. Nice mental focus, uplifting and motivational. Excellent for depression. 

bear labs box

Concluding the review

I don’t normally dab BHO or other solvent-based extracts, as they make my asthma flare up really badly. These however do not. They’re one of the few brands that make non-rosin that I’ll actually dab. Super smooth, the big flavor on these diamonds and sauce. The price point of $36/pre-tax makes it one of the more affordable, clean BHO products I’ve seen on the market. Whereas a lot of other brands cost upwards of $40-45/pre-tax. These were my morning coffee replacement and did quite well. Nice bright, energetic start to the day, with some happy uplifting effects to help me deal with the day’s stresses. Fun, yet clear-headed enough to not negatively impact my ability to think and perform complex tasks. This just smoothed out the edges on things, as it were. 

If you’re looking for BHO that doesn’t make you cough or irritate your lungs, look into BEAR Labs. Won’t break the bank, and has a flavor and staying power for days!

You can find out more about BEAR Labs products here.

Have you tried them? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.



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