The Rokin Nitro Quartz Double Coil Atomizer
Example of a coiled atomizer.

What Is An Atomizer, And What Does It Do?

The ‘atomizer’ is the heart of your vape pen. This miniature component is the heating element responsible for converting your concentrates into microscopic airborne droplets.

The atomizer is activated by the battery. Materials (wax/oil/shatter) are placed into the atomizer, heated, and transformed into delicious (hopefully) vapor. This is where the flavor of the concentrate is produced. The role of the atomizer is the most critical part in any vaping experience.

Coiled atomizers

Traditional atomizers consist of a ‘wick’ or porous material, which is wrapped in a metal heating coil. The coil is contained in a heat-resistant chamber, most often made with titanium, quartz or ceramic.

This system is intended to gently heat the concentrate from the coil, just enough to melt it onto the inside material (ceramic or quartz are common). The ‘wick’ then holds onto your product, and slowly releases the contents which turn to vapor.

Other Types

Over time, the structure of the atomizer has taken many forms. Ranging from simple – to extremely advanced. There are many types of atomizers on the market today, you can get single coil, double coil, even quadruple coiled atomizers!

Coil-less atomizers are becoming popular as well, and involve different heating processes. Plates, donuts, cups and many more designs are currently taking off, giving vapers endless choices, and less clean-up too!

Remember – quality matters! A cheap atomizer built with low-quality materials will result in an offensive smell and taste, and will ruin your materials. It’s worth knowing the pros and cons of metals and other materials used before purchasing, as this will greatly effect the vaping experience.

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