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This week we will take a look at the Alternative Medicine Association (AMA) Pineapple Gelato 1g Cartridge. Pineapple Gelato is a tasty 50/50 hybrid that is part Sunset Sherbert and part Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This hybrid strain aims to leave you happy and relaxed with the added benefit of pain relief. Today I will take a look at the pros and cons of this product, AMA Pineapple Gelato.


  • Very high-quality oil
  • The sweet and sour flavor
  • Creative high
  • Calm mind
  • Mood enhancing


  • Underwhelming pain relief
  • Spicy pine aftertaste
  • Dry Mouth

Recommendations: Some improvements to the flavor would be great

ama cart box

Very high-quality oil

The oil in this cartridge looks flawless. AMA uses Hydrocarbon Extraction with their own customized proprietary hydrocarbon gas formulation which they tailor to each cannabis strain to ensure extraction consistency. This is meant to guarantee maximum terpene retention, which accounts for the high percentages of terpenes. This method is also supposed to be more effective in removing the majority of other undesirable compounds (fats, waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll) from the end product and it shows. I was very pleased with the clarity and color of the oil in this cartridge.

Sweet and Sour flavor could pack more of a punch

The Pineapple Gelato cartridge is a cross between the two delicious strains, Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mints GSC. The terpene composition of this hybrid is dominated by limonene at almost 15mg/g but also boasts a large amount of Caryophyllene 9mg/g and respectable amounts of myrcene, 5.8mg/g. Also present are both a-pinene and b-pinene. These terpenes are part of what gives the Pineapple Gelato strain its sweet and sour fruity flavor. It should be noted that after the initial fruity taste, which I’d a bit subtle, there is a woodsy aftertaste that generally tends to be the lingering flavor.

ama cart

Eases some pain, maybe

The main goal of this strain seems to be to improve your mood and ease your pain. It’s not easy to be in a great mood when you have some nagging ache or pain trying to keep you down. For some reason, I didn’t really feel the intended effects while using this cartridge. Not every strain will stave off a migraine, but I was dissatisfied with the pain relief even in regard to minor aches and pains. I never felt a lessening in my pain, however, the intended mood enhancement worked like a charm so maybe it doesn’t matter. 

Be happier now 

Within seconds of hitting this cartridge, I was a different person. I had just come home from a terrible workday. My wife noted my sullen look and stoicism, so I figured it was time to try this Pineapple Gelato. A minute later, not only was I talking my wife’s ear off, I was happy, grinning, light-hearted, and attempting to be funny. As I mentioned, my pain didn’t recede much if at all, but my mood made the pain matter less. If you take too many puffs, the euphoric feeling can lead to you doing not much of anything (while being totally fine with not getting anything done), but if you find the sweet spot, Pineapple Gelato will make your day better without any side effects. 

Get things done

This 50/50 hybrid really leaves it up to you how you want to experience your high. As I mentioned, too much may leave you sitting on the couch grinning ear-to-ear, but if you want to tackle some creative project or some chore you’ve been dreading, Pineapple Gelato helps immensely. 

ama cart details
Cart details

Not the best Mouth feel for a cartridge 

The spicy pine aftertaste that remains after the initial sweet and sour flavor isn’t terrible, but it would be much more pleasant if it just stayed fruity. What is disappointing is the dry mouth. The cartridge had next to no clogging or dry-hitting problems. I was surprised at the cotton mouth I experienced. Still, this is a minor beef that can be remedied with any refreshing liquid of your choice and it doesn’t warrant passing on the other effects of this cartridge.

Overall great oil, spectacular high, minimal pain relief 

This is a mood-enhancing hybrid. If you are struggling for a reason to feel happy or just better about your day, pick this up. The calm and focused euphoria alleviates so much stress. Hopefully, the pain-relieving effects will hit you harder than they hit me, but for the price ($40 for 0.9 grams) you can afford ibuprofen. The oil is high quality and lasted me about a month with nearly no clogging (which is rare for this Las Vegas climate) or dry hits until the very end. Overall, it’s worth trying out and the quality definitely makes me excited to try other cartridges from AMA in the future. 

You can find out more about AMA products here.

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