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CBD Payment Processors Available in 2020

A list of the available CBD payment processors for 2019.
Lead Payments High Risk Merchant Solutions

Leap Payments–Credit Card Processing Solutions

Leap Payments provides open, honest and transparent payment solutions with a strategic approach to help their clients reduce their costs and get paid faster....

PaymentCloud CBD and High Risk Merchant Processing

PaymentCloud provides superior financial products while keeping costs as low as possible. They Cater to businesses like CBD, Hemp, Vape and E-cig Companies and...

PayDiverse : CBD and Vape Credit Card Processing

Here's a rundown of the services offered by PayDiverse, a CBD payment processing company.
Adept Payments

Adept Payments: Offering Payment Processing Solutions for High-Risk Businesses

Adept Payments' business information. The company offers payment processing, merchant services, and business solutions. They also cater to high-risk businesses like vape and cbd companies.