Planet 13: World’s Largest Dispensary in Las Vegas


Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. is a cannabis company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. In November of 2018, they opened a cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, which, we swear upon Wikipedia, is the world’s largest cannabis dispensary in terms of floor space (112K sq. ft.). The Planet 13 Cannabis Superstore & Entertainment Complex sells cannabis, extracts, and infused products. They strive to be more than just a store, creating more of a cannabis themed experience.

Name: Planet13 Las Vegas
Location: 2548 W. Desert Inn Rd. 89109 Las Vegas, NV
Tel: (702)815-1313

The Planet 13 Experience

We found this video tour of Planet 13, since it’s easier to just show the place than describe it:
Planet 13 is touted as a “cannabis superstore,” with a 15K sq. ft. dispensary that resides within a 40K Sq. ft. entertainment complex. The entertainment complex houses interactive lasers, glowing sculptures, and animated 3D displays.
Another video produced during the grand opening, with a bit more focus on the entertainment areas:
Customers check-in, show their IDs, and then they get a ticket to scan into the experience. Budtenders greet them upon entering. Products are behind glass cases, with information placards and prices set alongside them, and there’s even a sensory bar, where customers can experience cannabis much in the same way one would experience wine, traveling as a tourist through Napa Valley.

Phase II of the Planet 13 expansion

Planet 13’s footprint is 112K sq. ft., but only 40K sq. ft. of the total space is actually utilized today.
Future Planet 13 plans include adding a new coffee shop and pizzeria and a customer-facing production facility. This last will feature window space where visitors can watch and learn what goes into the creation of individual Planet 13 products. There are plans to begin construction on an event space that can accommodate up to 200 people for weddings, corporate events, or conferences as well

Cannabis, Las Vegas Style

Without any intended hyperbole, the fact that we have this place is remarkable. The business seems to be modeled in the 21st century paradigm of “retailtainment,” with an attraction which has something more to offer than what you could just order online. If any visitors have been to Planet 13, Las Vegas, please don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments below.

Looking for the best dispensary in Las Vegas?

Check out our pick for Las Vegas’ best dispensary, Essence Tropicana West. They have a large selection of extracts and cartridges. They quite often have in stock the top 3 choices of our best cartridges in Nevada. Planet 13 also has some good deals, but overall we have found Essence to have a better cartridge selection with better pricing.

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