Business listings covering companies in the cannabis extracts industry.

Dabwoods: Background of THC Cartridge Company

Dabwoods is a vape cartridge company selling carts with the flavor of backwoods. Although some may like the taste, this…

2 weeks ago

ihort – Horticultural Technology for Plant Cultivation

An introduction to ihort, a retailer distributing growing supplies for general horticultural and hydroponic needs.

2 weeks ago

MariMed Inc. – Seed-to-Consumer Industry Consulting and Support Service

An overview of MariMed Inc., a publicly-traded company which acts as consultant and support for cannabis growers, dispensaries, researchers, and…

2 weeks ago

Planet 13: World’s Largest Dispensary in Las Vegas

Here we go over Planet 13, the largest dispensary in the world, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2 weeks ago

The Flavor Company – Pure Flavor, Nothing Else

The Flavor Company provides flavorings using only the highest quality ingredients that are validated for quality and consistency. Name: The…

2 weeks ago – Scam Alert, Not Delivering

We recently got a comment on our fake Dank Vapes post about A number of Dank Vapes related websites…

4 weeks ago

CBD Payment Processors Available in 2019

A list of the available CBD payment processors for 2019.

1 month ago

Specialty Insurance Partners – Cannabis Industry Insurance

We introduce Specialty Insurance Partners, an insurance company based in Colorado Springs, which insures cannabis industry businesses.

1 month ago

Glas Werk Inc: Experts in Quartzware and Glass Blowing

An overview of Glas Werk Inc. They produce and repair glass items, some of which is used in the cannabis…

2 months ago

PaymentCloud CBD and High Risk Merchant Processing

PaymentCloud provides superior financial products while keeping costs as low as possible. They Cater to businesses like CBD, Hemp, Vape…

2 months ago

PayDiverse – CBD and Vape Credit Card Processing

Here's a rundown of the services offered by PayDiverse, a CBD payment processing company.

2 months ago

Adept Payments–Offering Payment Processing Solutions for High-Risk Businesses

Adept Payments' business information. The company offers payment processing, merchant services, and business solutions. They also cater to high-risk businesses…

2 months ago

AiroClean420 – Stop Powdery Mildew, No Emissions

AiroClen420 is a NASA developed and industry proven air sanitation technology that has been a significant Preventive Control in helping…

3 months ago

EM3 Methodology: A Complete Solution in Formulating MDI’s

Business information for EM3 Methodology. The company specializes in metered-dose inhalers (MDI) and dry powder inhalers (dpi).

3 months ago

CEDR HR Solutions: Customized Cannabis HR Support

A rundown on the services provided by CEDR HR Solutions, based in Tuscon, Arizona.

3 months ago

Mammoth Microbes: Inoculates Proven to Increase Plant Growth

Here is a rundown on Mammoth Microbes, a Colorado based company that helps with plant growth.

3 months ago

Shazzam Farms: Cannabis Growers and Extract Creators

Shazzam Farms may be fairly new to the market, but they are already offering Their tagline “From soil to oil…

4 months ago

Airo Brands Inc: Makers of Airo Vapor’s Airo Pro Cartridge System

Information on Airo Brands Inc., the company that makes Airo Pro cartridges.

5 months ago