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Warning : Cali Carts Appear Fake

What is a Cali Cart and where does it come from? We investigate and discover it almost certainly has nothing to do with the Cali Plug brand name.

Dabwoods: Background of THC Cartridge Company

Dabwoods is a vape cartridge company selling carts with the flavor of backwoods. Although some may like the taste, this company has no background or any information on them. Apart from that, there are many fakes being distributed.

Cookies Cartridge Review: Decent, Not Great

The Cookies cartridge just did not live up to the hype. It's not a bad cartridge, but just not a great one either.

Fake Alpine Vapor Carts Packaging Spotted Online

In this post about fake cartridges, we are going to talk about the fake Alpine Vapor cartridges and packaging. On a previous post, we...

dankvapescarts.com : Scam Alert, Not Delivering

We recently got a comment on our fake Dank Vapes post about dankvapescarts.com. A number of Dank Vapes related websites have popped up recently....

Chronic Carts Review : Sweet Taste But Gives A Light High

Chronic Carts is an upcoming and unheard of brand with little background to them. While reviewing them, we didn't like the oil, it gave a very light high.

True Meds Earth Products Cartridge Review : Another Packaging Company?

True Meds Earth Products cartridge isn't the best cartridge we've tried yet. In our experience, we didn't like the cartridge that much. From the oil quality to the taste. Apart from that, there is no background information on the company itself.

Dabwoods Cartridges Review : Smooth Taste, But Are They Legit?

Dabwoods cartridge review revealed to be a decent cartridge that provides smooth hits. Although the cartridge itself tasted alright, there is no background information nor lab results to back them up. Apart from that, there are many fakes being distributed.

Off White Carts: Not A Real Brand

A rundown on Off White cartridges, another fake THC oil vape brand.

Bart Carts Cartridges: Facts You Need To Know

Here we go over Bart Carts cartridges, one of the latest illegitimate brands.

Fake TKO Carts: Very Easy To Spot

The basics on spotting fake TKO cartridges. Almost all of them are fake.

Cart Toon Cartridges: Unregistered THC Vape Brand

A rundowon on Cart Toon Cartridges, an unregulated THC vape cart brand.

Chronopoly Carts: Any Oil Could Be In There

A rundowon on Chronopoly carts. We take a look at the brand that really is nothing more than packaging.

Fake Rove Cartridges: How To Avoid Counterfeits

A rundown on fake Rove cartridges and how to avoid them.

Smart Cart Review : Discontinued Previous Cartridge Packaging

Smart Cart is an authentic company with legit lab result tests. After picking up one of these cartridges, we noticed it was a fake Smart Cart. Moments after trying it ourselves, we did not like it one bit. Because it was inauthentic, we despised it so much to the point we had to dispose of it.

Pure Nectar and Truth Cartridges: THC Oil Brands or Fakes?

A rundown on Truth and Pure Nectar vape carridges. These are not real THC oil brands, they are just packaging sold online.

Bare Pods GoPods Review: Tastes Good, Hits Weak, Fake?

Here we review the Bare Pod GoPods. They turned out to be not so hot due to poor quality hardware.

Fake Cookies Cartridges: How to Spot a Counterfeit One

In this post about revealing fake cartridges, we are going to be talking about Cookies cartridges and vape pods. Founded by Berner (Gilbert Milam),...