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Eden Extracts Cartridge Review: A Cart From Paradise

Here we review the Eden Extracts cartridge, particularly from their Diamond Line. This turned out to be a top quality cart with unique hardware.

NUG Vape Cartridge Review – Good Value Buy

Review of the NUG vape cartridge by Bloom Industries. Great tasting, affordable, but not super strong.

Cresco Cartridge Review – Heady Highs Inbound

Review of a THC vape cartridge by Creco Labs. This one turned out to be strong, but lacking flavor.

Korova Cartridge Review – A True Standout

Korova is more known for its edibles than it's prefilled THC vape cartridges, but that might be changing soon. The Korova cartridge turned out to be top notch.

Atlas Extracts Cartridge Review – Underwhelming

Atlas Extracts began in 2017 and produces a small range of CO2 oil vape cartridges. Their extracts make use of full plant extraction techniques...

Brite Labs Cartridge Review: Strong Hits, Thin Oil

Here we review the Brite Labs cartridge. It turned out to delivery fairly strong hits but the oil burns quickly.

Hempod Review: Soon To Be Updated, Juul Pods Discontinued.

A review of Hempod atomizers that work with Juul batteries.

Fake Dank Vapes Carts: New Packaging, Updated May 2019

A guide to fake Dank Vapes carts. Learn how to tell the real cartridges from the counterfeits.

Willie’s Reserve La Platina Review: Top Notch Flower, Tons of Crystals

Review of Willie's Reserve La Platina cannabis flower. These were excellent buds all around.

Dabbing 101: Should You Be Dabbing Wax or Vaping Wax?

A guide on the differences between dabbing wax and vaping wax.

Is Marijuana a Weed? It Sure Looks Like A Weed When...

Pot. Grass. Reefer. Devil's Lettuce. Mary Jane.Marijuana has garnered lots of nicknames over the years. Yet, none have peaked people's interests quite like the...

What is TheWeedTube? New Platform For Weedtubers With Less Rules

Some of the biggest content creators in the cannabis community have been working on something very special for the last 2 months, and we...

WeedTubers – List Of Most Popular Stars This Year

So, it’s a new year and the marijuana industry continues to grow (yay)! Here we’re looking at the most popular weedtubers of 2018. Weedtubers share their...

Cannabis Events in California: List Updated Bi-Weekly

Please Stand By For New Updates - Don't see your event here? Email dane@ and we will add it to the list!Can you believe it's 2019?...

4/20 Events in California 2017!

Get ready marijuana enthusiasts, 4/20 is almost upon us!4/20 is like Christmas for stoners! And with more states legalizing weed, people are becoming more...

5 Common Misconceptions About Cannabis – We’re Sick Of Hearing Them...

Cannabis: There are always things people say about drugs. Everyone has an opinion, and most people aren’t afraid to share. Of course, not all...

Stoner Fashion – Weed Inspired Clothing for 2017!

From sexy swimsuits to comfy hemp tees… Here are some of the best (and affordable) stoner fashion brands to keep you looking as good...

DEA removes False Information on Marijuana from Website

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has just removed inaccurate information about the dangers of weed from its website. Woohoo!This adjustment comes after months of...