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Lemonnade Badder Review – Sister Brand To Cookies Enterprises


Today I will be reviewing the Tangeray live badder from Lemonnade, which is the sister brand to Cookies Enterprises. This is my first time having the concentrates from the Lemonnade brand. I have enjoyed their carts in the past, which were their Medellin and Yellow Fruit Stripes. Their strains skew mainly towards Sativa, but a few of their strains are hybrids. Lemonnade is also a hugely popular cannabis brand in California, recently opening its retail stores in Los Angeles, California as well as in Portland, Oregon. Today I will look at the pros and cons of this Tangeray live badder from Lemonnade.


  • Great quality
  • Great taste
  • Very smooth
  • Great for beginner users



  • Not quite as potent
  • Lack of strong entourage effects
  • The badder is a bit overpriced

Recommendations: I would love to see either higher THC % and total cannabinoids % or less expensive prices for some of your concentrates, which include this Tangeray badder.

Lemonnade Tangeray was great for daytime use

By appearances, this looks typical for a live resin badder, lighter in color than PFFN OG Chem badder but not as pale yellow as the Wonderbrett Beyond Blueberry

badder. This Tangeray badder has a nice smooth consistency that’s easy to handle. This daytime strain was great for a wake and bake, tackling a project, and before running errands.

Lemonnade Tangeray was as tasty as Terp Hogz and 101 Cannabis Co.

Lemonnade Tangeray is a cross between The Original Lemonnade and Cactus Cooler, which itself is a cross between Blue Dream and OG Kush, two of the popular strains in the world. These three strains result in a sweet, floral, and creamy aroma with hints of citrus, pine, and tangerine that’s strongly reminiscent of a tart lemon meringue pie with citrus rinds. The taste is also very fruity, floral, and tropical, reminiscent of a lime margarita with a tangy aftertaste. In terms of flavor, Lemonnade Tangeray was as tasty as most of the recent concentrates I’ve had, including Terp Hogz Zmoothie live resin sauce and 101 Cannabis Co. Sundae Driver budder.  

The taste is also very fruity, floral, and tropical, reminiscent of a lime margarita with a tangy aftertaste.

Lemonnade Tangeray felt weaker in potency than Grandiflora Genetics, Synergy and Wonderbrett

 However, the effects felt not quite as potent or long-lasting, but for the most part, it felt mainly cerebral with some comforting body high effects. I felt a mild cerebral euphoria before feeling relaxed, uplifted, and creative with the ability to focus on tasks and stay productive throughout the day. The Lemonnade Tangeray badder wasn’t quite as potent, much like the 101 Cannabis Co. Sundae Driver budder. The high was also not quite as potent as the Grandiflora Genetics, Synergy, and Wonderbrett, The effects didn’t seem to last as long since I continually had to keep smoking to sustain the high throughout the day. 

Lemonnade Tangeray was effective in dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, and fatigue

The most dominant terpenes feel like limonene and pinene, due to both parent strains being Cactus Cooler and The Original Lemonnade. The effects of the Tangeray strain were effective in dealing with my symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, and fatigue as well as lifting my overall mood. Although it wasn’t quite as potent as other concentrates, it was strong enough to help deal with my stress level when focusing on tasks or running errands. 

Lemonnade concentrates are priced near Grandiflora Genetics, Synergy and Wonderbrett

The Lemonnade Tangeray and most of their other concentrates are priced near the top-tier such as Grandiflora Genetics, Synergy, and Wonderbrett. In my opinion, it’s a bit overpriced as the effects didn’t feel full spectrum as the Synergy and Wonderbrett. I would still recommend the taste and smoothness of the Lemonnade Tangeray. The THC % of this batch of Lemonnade Tangeray is 62.9% and the D9 THC % is 0.04% while the total cannabinoids are not listed on the label. The entourage effects didn’t feel as strong as the concentrates I’ve had from Grandiflora Genetics, Synergy, and Wonderbrett.


Lemonnade would be a great starting point for beginner users

I would only recommend this Lemonnade Tangeray live badder for users of low tolerance and the occasional cannabis smoker. In fact, this would be a great starting point for beginner users just getting into cannabis concentrates. Overall, this would be a mild recommendation for the Lemonnade live badders. This applies to the carts, as well. While the Lemonnade cartridges are also tasty, their Yellow Fruit Stripes and Medellin cartridges were not quite as potent as other live resin cartridges. However, for the more experienced users, I would recommend the diamonds and live resin sugar from Lemonnade. They are stronger than the live resin badder because the THC-A crystals in the diamonds and live resin sugar would have better entourage effects. Most Lemonnade products are currently available at most dispensaries in California and Oregon, where they have their own retail dispensaries in Los Angeles and Portland.

What are your thoughts on the Lemonnade? Post a comment below or post in our forum!

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