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FukedUp Vape Carts Review – Good Effects


Today we will try out some vape carts from FukedUp. They offer various Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, and THC-O products.

You can check out our FukedUp carts video review here.


  • Good flavor, convenient, and easy to use
  • I like how they have well known Cannabis strain names
  • Effects seem good
  • Official CCELL hardware


  • Terpene content is not given
  • I wish the HHC was a full gram, like the other two

Recommendations: These new THC vape carts have been helping me conserve my medical marijuana products, and also I like how they are better for use during the daytime.  So far, these HHC and Delta 10 carts have seemed pretty good too.  I probably have enjoyed the HHC cart the most.

Who would enjoy this? I think anyone

I think anyone who enjoys cannabis would like these vape carts.  Especially those who aren’t fortunate enough to have medical or recreational marijuana where they live.  Counterfeit vape carts have been a serious problem for years.  In my opinion, any tested product such as these vape carts is a superior option to unregulated, black market products bought from the street.  Years ago, I bought all kinds of illegal street carts that oftentimes didn’t give me any kind of effect.  I hated the inconsistency, but in retrospect, I am so grateful that I didn’t lose a lung or something.

Interesting stuff I have not tried before

I got three different strains of vape carts to review.  They stick with the tried and true labeling of Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica, and they offer a few different THC choices.


The first cart I will review is the HHC or Hexahydrocannabinol.  The Wikipedia page says this is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid derivative that resulted from early modifications to the structure of THC, in a search for the simplest compound that could still fulfill the binding requirements to produce cannabis-like activity.”  The strain that I got is Cherry Kush.  I have been pretty blown away by how much this cart tastes like real Cannabis!  This one is only a half gram, but it’s my favorite out of the three carts I got to try.  The effects seem to be the most noticeable out of these three.  This one is a hybrid, and the packaging looks nice.



The next vape cart I will mention is the Delta 10 THC, one-gram vape cart.  I found a Leafly article that talks about delta 10 THC, and it says “Delta-10 can get you high, although it is much less potent than regular delta-9 THC. Anecdotally, delta-10 is commonly reported to provide energizing effects, whereas delta-8 is reported to be more sedating.”  The Delta 10 THC cart I got is an Indica, which I prefer, and is the strain Grape Ape.  I really like the sweet, but skunky flavor in this cart.  The effects seem pretty good too.


Lastly, I got a one gram THC-O, or THC-O-Acetate.  Leafly says about THC-O, that “Research has found that it’s roughly three times stronger than conventional THC. It has been called “the psychedelic cannabinoid” for its borderline hallucinatory effects. Because it’s derived from federally legal hemp, THC-O products are becoming increasingly popular in the states where consumers don’t have access to legal, state-licensed delta-9 THC products.”  I got the one-gram Zkittles strain, Indica vape cart.  The flavor is nice and sweet.  I think these have been the closest to dispensary carts that I’ve tried so far.


High-quality cartridge hardware

I love how they went with official CCELL brand vape cart hardware.  That is one of my favorites.

Similar Cannabis products for comparison:

They have all kinds of new THC products now, and I’m just learning about them.


Concluding this review

I am glad that I tried these various vape carts.  I was skeptical at first, that these different kinds of THC wouldn’t really have any effects.  I don’t think that anymore, and I like these so far.  I had no idea until recently that there are so many new products like this, and that they sell them EVERYWHERE.  It’s pretty cool.  Hopefully, soon enough they will just legalize all of these Cannabis products.

You can find out more about FukedUp and its product line here.

Have you tried FukedUp products? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.

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