Mendocino Flower Review – Well Rounded

I would still highly recommend Mendocino Natural Farms' Gush Mintz to anyone looking for a well-rounded and delicious strain

3 days ago

High Fidelity Flower Review – Impressive Aroma and Effects

High Fidelity's God's Breath is a strain that is sure to impress even the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts. From its…

2 weeks ago

Bobsled Extracts Cart Review – Good Mental and Physical Relief

Bobsled extracts cart has easy packaging, and the effects from this strain are perfect for mental and physical pain relief.

3 weeks ago

LIT Flower Review – Great Cure and Smell

LIT flower has a nice smell, a great cure, and it's very sharable with your friends.

1 month ago

Botany Farms Gummies & Prerolls | Consistent Best Quality

How are all my beautiful cosmic blueberries on Spaceship Earth? We're 48 hours away from 4/20 as we write. And…

1 month ago

Smilyn Edibles Revisited | A Mixed Basket

Smilyn is a name brand in cannabis products well-known to our frequent readers. Among several reviews by our staff, we've…

1 month ago

Entourage Cart Review – Great Party High

Entourage carts offer a great high for a fair price. They are very sharable with friends and get a lot…

1 month ago

93 Boyz Review – High Quality Smoke For Cause

Between contributing to good causes and just having all-around high-quality products, 93 Boyz is officially my go-to strain. Everything I…

2 months ago

KYND Flower Review – Extremely Stoney

The KYND flower is smooth, and strong and gets you very high. The taste of the Mr. Nasty flower can…

2 months ago

TRE House Delta-9 Cookies Review – Perfect Score!

TRE House Delta-9 Cookies are great. They are super potent, they taste great and they are really affordable.

2 months ago

Grassroots Flower Review: Great for Nightcap

The grassroots flower is very affordable (for Illinois) and great tasting.

2 months ago

Sacred Oil THC Cart Review – Great Taste and High

Sacred Oil high is great, the taste is great, and keeping on the down low is what it’s all about…

2 months ago

Curaleaf Flower Review – Best Bang for Your Buck

Curaleaf offers quality flower at great prices. They provide a great high that lasts a decent amount of time.

3 months ago

Aeriz THC Cart Review: No Flavor and Too Expensive

the Aeriz Banana Biscotti Sundae Element cartridge was lackluster for the price. I probably won’t buy this one again, but…

3 months ago

Best Nevada THC Flower 2023: Top THC Flower

Nevada offers high-quality and affordable flower. Because of that many people think its on of the best states to enjoy…

3 months ago

Best Illinois THC Flower 2023: Top THC Flower

Illinois offers high-quality but expensive flowers. You won't have any problems finding something to your liking.

3 months ago

The Trusted Lab D9 / D8 / CBD Gummies | Solid Quality

I could swear that we would have gotten around to reviewing a product from The Trusted Lab before. I have…

4 months ago

THE BANK Flower Review – Had Me Happy and Engaged

THE BANK flower offers very quality flower. The high and the effects are just awesome and I would recommend it…

4 months ago